6 Tips for the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Walking Tour

Winter is coming; Season 8 of the HBO’s most famous TV Series Game of Throne is already upon us. With Episode 1 of Season 8 already aired by HBO, it would be a dishonor for any Game of Thrones enthusiast to let this TV Series come to an end without visiting the filming location and having to do on a Game of Thrones Costume Special.

Though the series has been filmed in roughly seven countries, Dubrovnik was used to film most of the exterior shots of King’s Landing.

Now, despite the dragons, Direwolves and white walkers that you may have seen, the Game of Thrones world is not exactly quite as you are made to believe. In fact, its capital, Kings Landing, is almost at its entirety shot in a genuine city setting in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dubrovnik, popularly known as the pearl of the Adriatic, thanks to the strategic location on the Dalmatian sea and stunning Gothic and Baroque architecture, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. And since the HBO show debuted, the city has gained popularity, and it saw an exponential rise in tourism.

I know you’re probably planning on how to visit Dubrovnik in your next trip, but before you do that here are some of the handy tips that should make your trip more fulfilling and exciting.

1) Set your Own Pace

Generally, Dubrovnik Game of Throne tour walking is divided into three parts and this include:

  • Old town +Fort Lovrijenac
  • The City Walls
  • Lokrum Island

While you can do the whole tour in a single day, we always advise our readers to take their time and split up the tour into sections, and this should help you have a better understanding of the place.

2) Start Early

Whether you choose to complete your tour in a day or split it up into sections, there is so much ground to cover. Therefore, it’s always prudent that you begin your Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour early.

Underlining this cause is the fact that the mayor is already in talks to limit the maximum number of tourists within the city walls at any one time to 4,000, and arriving early will guarantee your entry.

3) Queue Up the Theme Song

What a better way to experience authentic scenery than downloading and listening to the Game of Thrones theme song while wandering through the streets. Trust me; you won’t be the only one.

4) Bring Water

Croatia can be at times indeed hot, and it’s always a good idea to carry with you a bottle of water. The good news is that even if you run out of the water, there are several fountains with drinkable water throughout the city.

5) Save the Google Map

While Dubrovnik is a tiny town, with narrow streets, some of the streets may not have signs, and you might get lost midway.

Referring to the pins on the Google Map will save you a lot of hassle and allow you to easily located your next spot.

6) Hire Tour Guide

Hiring a tour operator is vital preparation tip that will ensure you get the best value from your tour. Dubrovnik tour operators have knowledgeable expertise of the locations and will guide you appropriately as you unveil the mysteries of Westeros.

ACCESS Dubrovnik, in particular, is one such tour operator that has gained fame in the recent past. As a pioneer in the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tours, ACCESS Dubrovnik will provide you with exciting privileges such as Visit to Lokrun island, grant you the chance to sit on the controversial Iron Throne and you can even walk down the famous staircase of Queen Cersei’s “Walk of Shame“.

This coastal town in the very south of Croatia attracts Game of Thrones Series Fans from around the world for its Old Town is a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Apart from reacting scenes of the Iron Throne and Cersei Lannister’s walk of atonement in S05 E10, indulge in the clear water of crystal blue Adriatic, get lost in the streets of the Old Town, or enjoy local dishes in a nearby restaurant.

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