The Thawne Dilemma: Nora’s Troubles on The Flash

As many viewers of The Flash know now, Nora is going to reveal to Barry that she has been working with Eobard Thawne throughout this recent season. As the photos display, most of the team is not going to be happy about this. Why would Barry or any of his friends accept her working with his greatest enemy who killed his mother? That’s something that will not be taken lightly. She will be seen as a traitor and someone who is antagonistic toward the team. So much for Nora just wanting to spend time with her parents when they were younger, especially her father.

One can understand Nora being easily manipulated by Thawne. He once had Barry trusting him when he first started out being The Flash. She is also young and someone who seems to want to see the good in people. However, as recent episodes show, he has been her guardian angel this entire season. He has guided her hand and given her direction on what to do. It almost makes you wonder if he has some plan in mind for exactly what he’s doing. It could be that he might be leading us into the next crossover: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

What’s concerning most is how this has led to the creation of another villain taking the name: Cicada. It’s his daughter, Grace, who is now taking over the title. While those are pressing events for our heroes, the biggest concern that should be pressing viewers is Thawne. He has returned since Crisis on Earth X and somehow ended up in a future prison cell. It seems that Barry’s Flashpoint incident did not erase the season one Thawne from existence.

It seems he was able to go back to the future, as he originally planned, despite Eddie killing himself. Or, maybe, he still got erased from existence and that did not stop him? I am inclined to believe the former is true of how he can still be out and about. Some days, you might wish Barry could just go into a local store and buy a nice soccer ball clock. Instead, he always has to keep dealing with these enemies. When will our hero ever catch a break?

That’s obviously rhetorical because Barry’s life would never be about buying a soccer ball clock. It always has to be dramatic because why would a hero’s story be anything but? Bringing Thawne back is actually a masterful stroke and something fans have been waiting for. He is a villain that can never be defeated and is constantly out there. It’s likely Barry will never be able to get rid of Thawne since their destinies are completely intertwined in the timeline. It’s like The Joker saying that he and Batman are destined to do this forever in The Dark Knight.

Thawne will always go after the ones Barry loves. This time, he has successfully corrupted Barry’s own child. What could anger Barry more? Odds are Barry will forgive his daughter and be able to fix things by season’s end or during the upcoming Crisis crossover. It’s up to our heroes to make a difference in this dilemma. Will Barry prevail? That will be left to this season to decide.

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