3 of the Best Movie Themed Slots

Everyone loves slots, they are incredibly popular at casinos all over the globe and now with the explosion of online venues across the internet too. They have a universal appeal as they are simple to play but have a load of action and some great payouts which is where the appeal lays. In order to keep things as exciting as possible for players, the software developers look to create games that are relatable so where better to start than with some of the most popular movie based franchises. Slots based on films are always popular, and looks at three of the best that you will find in many online casinos.


So the film might be older now but the popularity has never faded, the iconic ‘I’ll be back’ line was borne out when the franchise released the second film in the series, and this slot is based on that sequel. Terminator 2: Judgement Day carries the storyline that we introduced to in the first film and follows mother and son team Sarah and John Connor as they spend a lot of time running from the seemingly unstoppable T1000 who let’s face it was more than a little creepy and the stuff of nightmares. In the slot game, you will find your favourite characters as icons on the wheel, and there is plenty of action, free spins and more with 1024 pay lines to keep everyone happy.

Man of Steel

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Superman! This, of course, is based on the rebooted and rather less camp Man of Steel which sees our favourite DC hero given a muscular makeover that too the film on to become a box office smash back in 2013. The slot game is designed by software giants Playtech who have a whole DC Superhero series in their armoury. Less of the nerdy hero and more the, well, Man of Steel this Henry Cavill smash translates from the big screen to the reel and features everyone you would expect to see. From Martha and Jonathan Kent, his alter egos adoptive parents to Perry White there are many excellent film references. With 25 pay lines that double to 50 if you can trigger the illusive Krypton free game, there is loads of action and some awesome jackpot features including one that will guarantee you a fantastic mystery pot at the end.

Top Gun

If you fancy a little in the sky action what about this fantastic slot based on the classic and time-defying action movie with a romantic twist, Top Gun, in the film we love, laugh and cry with the main characters as they take to the skies as the best pilots at the Top Gun Academy. In the slot, you will find Goose, Iceman, Charlie and Jester but strangely no Maverick. However, his absence does not affect the action pack playability of this awesome game which is another Playtech offering that hits the mark. For that real nostalgic feel, you can also hear the iconic melody of Take My Breath Away when you trigger a spin.
















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