Sanrio And Chronicle Books To Publish ‘The Aggretsuko Guide To Office Life’

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New Book Captures the Spirited Red Panda in a Book, Journal and Pencil Set

Fans around the world think Aggretsuko is all the rage! The 25-year old red panda is one of Sanrio’s newest characters and the star of a self-titled hit series on Netflix that has just been renewed for a second season. Aggretsuko struggles daily to cope with workplace frustrations, and finds solace after work in heavy thrash metal karaoke sessions. Many are inspired by her aplomb in the face of frustrating bosses, office politics, and coworker conflicts. Now fans can get Aggretsuko’s tips and techniques for navigating the tricky office environment in her first-ever book, ‘The Aggretsuko Guide to Office Life’. From mastering the commute and winning the office A/C battle, to avoiding annoying elevator situations and manipulative co-workers, Aggretusko offers her take on how to survive until happy hour, because “Tomorrow is a new day!”

Launching simultaneously is the Aggretsuko Journal, a flexible paperback journal that features a triumphant Aggretsuko on one side, while the other side shows her in full rage mode. Use it to document daily ups and downs, brilliant thoughts, and karaoke playlists. The Aggretsuko pencil set offers 10 No. 2 pencils emblazoned with a range of her moods and is perfect for writing down hopes and dreams and for expressing RAGE. All three products in this line will be available on October 23 at retailers in the U.S. and Canada including, select Sanrio stores as well as bookstores, gift shops and online.

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