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How Comics Help Students Retain Knowledge

Why comics are important? Various people think that comics are a waste of time, but it is actually not so. Education experts have now proved that reading comics is a good way to enhance one’s mental capabilities. For quite a long time, people have been reading comics just to pass their spare time, but besides this, it has a lot of other benefits too.

Comics help gain more knowledge

According to, college students have a lot of books and notes to study and learn by heart. It won’t be wrong to say that they are restricted to their study materials in one way or the other. They are asked to attend the classes early in the morning, finish their class-based projects, and submit a lot of assignments. During the learning process, they might get tired of the same routine, and this is where comics can help them. If you start reading comics on a regular basis, then you will be able to open the door of a new imaginary world for yourself. Besides this, you can gain more and more knowledge from comics since many of these things are never taught in ordinary books and study materials. In simple words, we can say that you can gain extraordinarily special knowledge if you start reading comics once or twice a week.

Comic books help manage stress

Comics in education are important as they help manage stress and anxiety to an extent. As a college student, you will have to face a lot of challenges. Sometimes the teacher asks you to submit an urgent assignment and sometimes they want to you complete and submit the homework the very next day. While you get involved in your study materials, you may develop a lot of stress and may get depressed at some points. However, if you want to escape those tensions and worries for some time, then the best and most amazing way is to read comic books. Health experts have now proved that if a student reads comics regularly, he will be able to manage stress and can get rid of depression for a long time.

More than just superhero stories

Those who think that comic books are nothing but ordinary superhero stories are absolutely wrong. There are various educational comics that are meant to educate students of all age groups. If you are a parent, you might want to bring those comics home in order to help your child acquire more knowledge.

There are tons of graphic novels and nonfiction books such as Fun Home, Alison Bechdel’s autobiography, Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, etc. One of the benefits of reading comic books is that you experience new things, get a chance to explore a new imaginary world, and gain a lot of happiness. If the child keeps acquiring knowledge from ordinary school or college books, he may never be able to see how the outside world looks like.


Good for your brain

Another core benefit of comic books is that these are good for your brain and a rich source of information. Sometimes it happens that you do not get the required information from day-to-day sources, and this is where you should switch to comic books and increase your knowledge. They are full of information and provide you with a chance to improve your mental capabilities. When you read about different characters, you get an idea of how to become a good and responsible person. For example, if you read a comic book where both good and bad characters are described, you get to know what things are good and what is bad for you.

Understandable for everyone

Not all college students are brilliant enough to learn new things quickly. For them, comic books are good since their language and tone of writing are always impressive, friendly and understandable. For example, if you are a Chinese student, you might want to read a comic book that helps you understand the culture of the United States or Canada.

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