Tech Tip – Protecting Home Networks: Start by Securing the Router

Our computers, laptops, phones, and similar devices all work together and are connected through home networks. This allows them to instantly browse the Internet and communicate with other devices. A home network also works to help store your personal information. However, home networks aren’t always the most secure and can be an easy target for hackers. Because of this, unauthorized access can gain insight into your personal information, including your finances.

To help prevent your home network from being hacked into, you need to secure it. There are a few different ways you can do so. This article will explore those ways as well as touch on why you need to protect your home network. Keep reading to learn more.

Ways to Secure Your Router

Below you’ll find a few ways as to how you can better secure your router. These are important to implement as they will work to protect your router from possible attacks.

Create a Powerful Password

One of the most important security methods for your router is a password. Many routers tend to come with their own pre-made password, but this isn’t always the best option. Pre-made passwords are easy to guess and aren’t as secure as the types you make yourself. Because of this, you want to create your own powerful password. You’ll want to use numbers, special characters, and various capital letters in it to help keep it protected. However, make sure it’s something you can remember in case you need to re-type it in at some point.

Turn the Router’s Firewall On

A firewall is a helpful security tool that works to block any unauthorized access to your devices. One thing many people often are unaware of though is that the router has its own firewall. It doesn’t work with your computer’s firewall. You’ll want to open your router’s settings page on your device and make sure to activate it in order to help better safeguard your information. Remember, your computer’s firewall does not work with your router so it will not protect it. You need to use the router’s specific firewall.

Design a Unique SSID Name

Routers come automatically with their own default name. This is usually the name of the router’s brand. While it can be easy to keep this, security experts don’t recommend this. You can change the SSID name via the router’s settings page and create your own personal name for it. This will help to better protect your router from possible attacks.

Use the Incognito Mode

Another interesting way you can help to secure your router is by using the incognito mode. This mode will help to hide your searches as well as any passwords and information you might use on them. When you exit out of the browser, it will automatically delete the router’s information so it isn’t stored on it. This will help to better keep your information private because the browser won’t have your router’s name and password.

Turn Off Your WPS

A WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) was intended to be a way for people to set up their networks by using a PIN printed on the router. However, this is not secure and can be very helpful to hackers trying to get into your system. Ideally, you should disconnect the WPS (through your router’s settings page) and connect it to a secure WPA or WPA2 encryption. With WPA or WPA2, your router will work to prevent unauthorized access to it because it will encrypt your information. You can usually create your own password for these connections to ensure they stay safe.

Give Your Router Updates

It’s always a good idea to give your router weekly updates. You can do this with router scans which can work to help search for any places on it that might be vulnerable. The scans will also immediately alert you to any possible problems your router might be having. Sometimes it might be necessary to invest in new firmware updates to keep your router up-to-date. This will help to better protect it. It will also help to ensure that your router has the latest technology it needs to stay safe.  For more information, check this article about the list of most secure routers in the market today.

As you can see, protecting your home network is vital. Many often don’t know where to start when doing so and try various things to protect it that sometimes don’t work well. However, one of the best ways you can secure your network is by protecting your router. The router is the main device that connects to all your devices, so it’s important to keep a close eye on its security.  According to Technotup, Synology RT1900 is the best wireless routers. So make sure to check the quality of routers before buy it. Otherwise, the information on your devices can be easily stolen and taken without you even knowing.

By keeping the things mentioned above in mind, like changing your password, you can help better secure your router. It can difficult at times to keep track of your network’s security, but by safeguarding your router, you can better protect your personal information.

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