DONUT COUNTY – A Video Game Review

Nine Hundred and Ninty feet below the earth’s surface, the folks of Donut County sit around telling their tales of how they were craving some donuts, placed an order for said donuts, and instead ended up 999 feet below. All because a hole got delivered instead. The problems arose when the Raccoons moved in and the one named BK seems to be in the center of it all.

This is Dount County.

The premise is simple – you’re a hole in the ground, swallowing up a lot of “trash”, solving some puzzles here and there, and pissing off the town folk in the process. Okay, not really getting them mad. They seem to be a lot calmer than I would be if I got sucked by a random hole in the ground.

Each story from the town folks is a level but don’t worry, there is no talking during the gameplay. It happens during the transition scenes. Once the level starts, it’s just the hole, music, and you. You start off as a very small hole and the more you swallow things up, the bigger you get. You get so big you can bring down houses. It does take a bit of jiggling to get things to go “down the hole” and in some case, you need to get certain thing first before you can grab other things. For example, the bunny farm; you need to get the carrot before you can even think about going after the bunnies. Some levels require you to do some challenges with water that will either help you or try to stop you.

Donut County is a straightforward fun game. If you’re here for a more of a challenging game, this is probably not for you. The graphics aren’t lifelike by any means but they are charming. Sometimes all you need is simple. The script is pretty funny too. I found myself chuckling at times especially with Mira and BK’s dialogues.

I finished the game in under two hours but I never found myself bored at all. I enjoyed the soundtrack (the album is on Spotify), the dialogue between all the characters was hilarious, the graphics were great, and I found myself enjoying moving the town folks 999 feet below. Definitely worth getting and I’ll probably keep playing it especially when I’ve had a rough day and just want something calming.

“Have a Garbage Day!”

Donut County is out now on iOS, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

(Note: I paid for my copy of Donut County on PS4 and worth it!)

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