If you know anything about Nintendo, you know they changed the world of gaming back in the 80s with the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short. Some of the most memorable games were released on it like Super Mario Bros, Kung Fu, Mike Tyson’s Punchout, and my personal favorite Bubble Bobble.

In the 90s, the NES got its first of many upgrades – the Super Nintendo System or SNES for short. The SNES blew everyone’s mind away and ended up having a massive library of games for the system. Games such as Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG (A lot of titles had Super in them!) and Killer Instinct.

There were so many games released on the SNES that it was hard to keep up with it all. I’m still learning of titles that were released on the system to this day. If you’re anything like me and want to know what else was released or just want to know more information about your favorite titles, you should check out Brett Weiss‘s The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 1 (A–M)

That’s right gamers – volume 1. There is such a huge massive amount of games that this title needed to be broken up into 2 volumes.

I got the chance to review this book and man, it is a wealth of information. This 416-page hardcover book features a little over 350 titles that were released on the SNES. Again, since it’s volume 1 and done alphabetically, it will only cover game titles from A – M. Each title will at least have one page dedicated to it. Each page will have your basic information: year released, publisher, developer, and genre. Yes, it is information you can find online but this book also includes fun facts, historical data, quotes from vintage magazines, and best of all- nostalgic stories from those in the industry.

I’m here for the quotes from the vintage magazines. I’m still a Nintendo Power magazine girl at heart.

And there is so much to look at in this book in terms of images. They have a great collection of the box art (of course), images of the game cartridges, screenshots of the game, and my absolute favorite, VINTAGE ADS of the game.

This book gives respect to every title (A-M) that was released for the SNES during its course. It doesn’t matter if it was a popular title, a title that failed, or something so obscure. Each title gets their page of information and colorful images.

The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 1 is definitely worth adding to your library.


The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 1 is on sale now through Amazon or your local bookstore.

(Photos Via: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.)

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