Have you ever wanted to build your own BB-8 or Rey’s Speeder out of paper? Here’s your chance with STAR WARS ORIGAMI by Karol Kafarski

star wars origami

Like a Jedi’s training, the Japanese craft origami demands dexterity and patience. Star Wars Origami takes the traditional technique and applies it to contemporary and fun projects that you can show off in your home or on your desk. Follow folding instructions on pre-printed paper to create a whole host of paper models.

Star Wars fans will love creating 10 origami renditions of characters and ships from the series, including BB-8 and the Millennium Falcon. The step-by-step instructions make in Star Wars Origami make it easy for even beginners to this papercraft to jump in. Plus, this pack comes with 60 special, pre-printed sheets of origami paper, so your projects will have the right look, in addition to the right folds. Difficulty levels range from beginner to expert.

  • Fresh new designs let you build your favorite vehicles and characters, including BB-8 from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi and the Millennium Falcon.

  • Large trim size (11.81 x 11.81”) allows for larger origami projects.

  • Includes a folding mat that’s just the right size for the included papers.

As stated – you get instructions to create ten different vehicles and characters ranging from a X-wing T-70 to a Luggabeast. Upon closer look, it seems the ten chosen designs are from the new trilogy. The Millennium Falcon is one you can fold into creation but when reading the trivia about the ship, you’ll notice another name under the owner – a name from the new films.

Yes, for the title page of each project you’re given bits of trivia the models.

The book has step by step, clear instructions on how to fold/create each vehicle. The pictures are a nice size so you’re not struggling to figure out where/how they folded the origami paper. I’ve come across books that are small and the picture instructions are tiny. The box/papers are almost a 12 x 12 size – it’s pretty big. Each project has a little over 100 steps but nothing too major. Luggabeast has 81 steps and Command Shuttle has 116 steps. The book mentions that even beginners can jump right into paper crafting and its true. I know simple origami and sometimes I get so overwhelmed with steps but this book has made it simple. Also, the origami papers that are included in the book have marked lines to help you out.

And speaking of the origami paper, yes it is special printed paper. So once folded, your creations will look like the character or vehicle. BB-8 has all of its colors and lines, The X-wing will look just like an X-wing. You can definitely see it. You also don’t have to worry about it being one sheet for each model. The book comes with 60 pages. So if you screw up, you got another try (but really you should practice on scrap paper before tackling the actual papers.) You can have an entire line up TIE/SF Fighters on your desk.  Now, I didn’t see any information if you can buy the origami printed pages separately once you go through them all but with a price point of $24.99 US, you can keep rebuying the book and have an entire army of Luggabeast.

If you’re a fan of both Star Wars and Origami, pick up this book. Fold all the papers yourself, gather some friends and have a Star Wars Origami party. I’m currently folding my own BB-8 and if you follow Agents of Geek on Instagram, I’ll be sharing my final creation on there soon.

STAR WARS ORIGAMI by Karol Kafarski is out now in bookstore and online wherever books are sold. 

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