How to Shade Minecraft Skins

They say that tastes differ. Who are we to disagree? Maybe, this is why you always tinker with your skins in the attempt to change the color of your hair, your skin, or your outfit. Mastering shading styles can be quite a challenge for many players, since in contrast to such dynamic activities as mining, killing monsters, and fighting your opponents in PvP, shading is a meticulous and painstaking process. Nevertheless, those players who strive for perfection and uniqueness often utilize numerous shading techniques and create unforgettable looks for their characters. So, you are not satisfied with the way your character skin looks, then you are welcome to spice it up with the help of shading.

Of course, you may resort to either simple of complicated shading styles to upgrade your skin. Still, we believe that it is better to start with something unpretentious and easy and gradually master more complicated methods of shading.

So, you are welcome to check simple shading styles out that are often used by skinners. They are easy to do, but the result may exceed your expectations.

Needless, to say that depending on your skillfulness and experience, you may choose to add an extra layer around your character’s head, create a side braid, or add a braid down the knees. Still keep in mind that it is more convenient to add various shadings prior to incorporating details.

First, we need to shade our head. To do it, it is necessary to select a palette of 5 shades ranging from the lightest to the darkest. You will need to gradually move the RGBA in the direction of darker colors. After that, line colors next to each other.

Next, you may start shading by using your lightest color, creating vertical lines, as you may see in the picture provided below. Those on the sides are 2 pixels long, while the middles line equates to 4 pixels. (The pink thing you can see is just my character’s ear. It is up to you to decide whether you want to shade it or not.)

Then, add 2 pixels on both sides of the vertical line you have drawn, using your lightest color. Along with the next line, create another vertical line to the middle one. It should be like this:

Apply your next lightest color, then. With its help, you will create something resembling a circle around the previously drawn lines.

Using your second darkest shade from your palette, you should add a pixel (2 for the middle vertical line) on the verges of the circle you drew before.

Finally, utilize the darkest shade of your color palette and gradually fill in the remaining gaps in the area.

We hope that after scanning through our brief tutorial you managed to learn more about the subtleties of using shading for creating realistic looking skins in Minecraft. Now you will be able to complete the remaining side of a character’s head by yourself using the same techniques.

Downloading Minecraft Skins Online

Are you in search of your perfect character skin you will be able to shade and modify according to your needs? There are many websites ready to assist you in finding and downloading the skin of your dream. Among the most popular and trustworthy sites, skins4minecraft should be mentioned. The site is host to hundreds of Minecraft skins that will make you gameplay more exciting and unforgettable. Just fancy how enigmatic and inimitable your ldshadowlady skin will be.  Add some shading effect and your lady will become even more “shadow,” enchanting and stunning. Want to get some more? Don’t hesitate and head to skin4minecraft to avail yourself of countless unique skins that will distinguish you from other players.

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