Elhoffer Design is Coming to San Diego Comic-Con with Exclusives!

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One of the fun things about San Diego Comic-Con is all the great exclusives that you can find and I’m always open for some great clothing exclusives. When I found out one of my favorite designers was not only going to vend at SDCC but was bringing new items with her, you know I added a few things to my ever growing list.

Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Design has been creating some amazing geek inspired fashion pieces for a while and she has something for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you love Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter – she has created something from your fandom and has translated it into stylish pieces that are great for everyday wear.

Her dresses even have pockets which is something a lot of other designers/companies seem to fail at.

Elhoffer Design will be at SDCC for this first time this year and you can find them at Booth #932. The items for sale will either be exclusive to SDCC or will launch during the con. Catherine Elhoffer will be at the booth during limited times so if you want a quick chance meet her or even just know what products are still available throughout SDCC, be sure to join Elhoffer Design’s Facebook Event.

She’ll also be at the Careers in Geek Fashion panel Thursday, 7/19th.

At this point, I bet you’re wondering which items will be for sale; check out the gallery above to see the designs and the prices for the items.  All the items are limited and she has announced there will be a limit of 2 per person of a given style.

Photos via: Elhoffer Design

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