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The World of Children’s Comics – From the Past to the Future

Today, the children’s comic book market is strikingly diverse in many countries. After all, this is a special way of reading – the brain begins to work more intensely because the reading of comics is much more complicated than linear text or writing fire essay. This article tells you about the benefits of the comic. It is necessary to simultaneously follow the plot of the pictures, navigate through replicas in the relationship between the heroes and determine emotions by the expression on their faces – not every adult can cope with it.

Why do you need to read comics?

The reading of children’s comics is a real addictive adventure! Funny stories in drawings with short inscriptions conquered boys and girls from many countries. Such publications awaken children’s interest in reading and are great for leisure. They excite the imagination, help to dream about great adventures and make you think.

Children recognize themselves as many heroes; they want to imitate the others. In any case, the comics do not leave anyone indifferent. And picking graphic books to taste today is no difficulty.

Advantages of comic books over other books:

Conscious parents are usually afraid that comics instil children into bad taste, fill their heads with gloomy ideas, and don’t leave them any time for walks and homework, and that this is a waste of money at all. These accusations have a fate of truth. But if children are unanimously seeking something, we have to admit that it has some positive, constructive value for them. It is wise to try to give them what they want, in the best shape. So what are advantages of it?

  1. Thanks to the illustrations, children are better perceived.
  2. New history format.
  3. Assist to see the variety of opportunities in the filing of the story, namely by comparing visual and verbal texts.
  4. Increase children’s vocabulary.
  5. Teach logical view and/or illogical chain of events and develop the ability to organize information in a logical row.
  6. Develop imagination. Many readers have a desire to create their own comics and imagine creating true characters.
  7. Texts combined with drawings help to better understand characters and roles of characters, their intentions and actions.
  8. Children love comics. By reading comics with children, you cannot only understand what a child likes but also support his interest in the book. For children, comics provide an opportunity to share thoughts with parents about reading, thus creating the basis for an interactive dialogue.

What is a comic book? Perhaps most people know that any picture that tells a story is a comic. If we disassemble the morphology of the word, then the illustrated stories initially pursued an entertaining purpose. Comics have become one of the popular genres of culture. The advent of Superman was very popular and soon superhero literally flooded the pages of comics.

Altogether over 400 superheroes were created during this period. Most of them strongly resembled Superman and did not survive to this day but then were born such heroes as Batman and Captain America.

At the core of the idea of such comics is the struggle against evil, where the hero has super ability, well, or just some “genius”, as well as new and new villains who are trying to plunder/destroy/enslave/humanity.

Such comics are usually very popular, colourful, and glossy. These are glossy magazines and books about superheroes to which all have long become accustomed.

Along with superheroes, cartoons appear in comics. They win not only the children but also the adult audience. It was during this period that new ideas appeared in the comics and to this day the main direction in the comics – superheroes and new worlds.

To conclude, we want to say, we tried only to touch the subject a little, relying on the basic facts without going into all the subtleties. Hope, it helped find something new. Remember that children must go through the stage of capturing stories in which superhuman power and justice always win at the last minute. After that, they pass to reading more complex and sophisticated literature. Just as a crawling in a child’s life will not prevent a child from learning how to walk in a more refined way – on two legs and reading comics will not prevent the child from developing a good literary taste.

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