Six Things You Can Do With Rooted Android

What Can You Do Once Your Android Is Rooted?

Rooting opens up many possibilities for the Android users. With a rooted device, you can change the whole system of your device up to your needs and tastes. But once you rooted the device, it is hard to decide what things to do at first. Everything seems quite s confusing and complicated

And today, we’re going to show you what you can do with your rooted Android smartphone.

Six Things You Can Do With Rooted Android

  • Check If It Is Rooted

When your rooting process fails, you won’t be able to do anything with the system. Before installing any root-only apps, make sure your Android is rooted. As the apps won’t work with unrooted devices. And there’s hardly any sign that can show if rooting was successful or not.

Don’t know how to check it? Here’s a quick guide on how to find out if Android is rooted or not.


  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Find and install any root checker app
  • Open the app and wait for the results


And if your device is rooted, you can take the best out of Android. But what if rooting failed? Don’t take it so hard! You can try to root Android once more. Moreover, you can always ask for help. In case, you can’t do rooting on your own, you can take advantage of remote rooting services such as to unlock the hidden potential of your Android.

  • Backup All Your Data

It’s better to backup all your data before rooting. But this is rooting that lets you back up every file and even game progress. Got interested?

Download Titanium Backup to save not only photos and contacts but also apps and cache files. Don’t forget to root your device before installing Titanium Backup.

  • Delete Pre-Installed System Apps

Lots of Android smartphones come loaded with a great many pre-installed apps. And as a rule, any of those apps are used more than once or twice. They’re just taking up storage and that’s all that they can do.

But once you’ve got root access, you can remove the bloatware and free up more space for something really important. You can install System App Remover to delete all unnecessary apps with a few taps.

  • Change the Look and Feel of Android

Android phones come with simple design and stylish interface. Users are quite limited to what they can change – font size, wallpapers, organize the icons on the homepage. And that’s all. When it comes to design, Android smartphones are protected from major changes. But with rooting your possibilities are unlimited.

HKTheme Manager will help you customize your Android. This module supports many themes as well as third-party ones. Download a theme you like and set it on your phone with the help of HKTheme Manager.

  • Take Advantage of Recovery Software

Android comes loaded with the recovery mode as an integral part of its ecosystem. It allows the users to install official updates or reset the system. But the recovery mode is quite limited in its functions. And rooting can level up Android recovery as well.

Do you want to manage recovery on your own? I bet, you do. So take advantage of Team Win Recovery to keep the recovery process under control. The app allows flashing zip files, make live and conventional backup, and even fix some minor Android errors.

  • Install Any App That You Want

Not all the apps available on the Google Play Store can be installed on your phone. Many of them require root. Since your device is rooted, you can install any app. Moreover, you aren’t limited to the Google Play Store anymore. Your options are unlimited now. Those apps, which were incompatible with your phone before, can be easily installed.

Summing Up

Rooting brings lots of undeniable benefits. It can uncover all the possibilities that an average user can’t even think of.  Once your device is rooted, you can install lots of “incompatible before” apps and boost up the performance of your Android.

With root access, you can also try new themes to make your smartphone look brighter, backup all files, turn on or off background apps, etc. Just root your Android and make your device easy to use and navigate.

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