A Tribute to Star Wars Mocs

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I would like to salute all LEGO builders who took a huge step into the unknown and made Star Wars Mocs. Their creations are amazing! It takes determination and a lot of hard work to create a LEGO Masterpiece, but extreme creativity, not to mention guts, is required if we want our creations to be based on the Star Wars trilogy.

A vivid imagination should also be mentioned since building starships and galactic empires would rely solely on the what the builder would like it to become. Blueprints on what should be done have probably not been made yet. This is not the case with other pieces like ships and castles, there are blueprints for this kind of structures. And so, without further ado, here are some great Star Wars MOCs submitted on LEGO Ideas.


Another creation on my List would be the Rogue One Cargo Shuttle SW 0608. It was built by LEGO master LuisPG and I think it would also be another great addition to the Star Wars Line. It would be a nice piece to place beside the Millennium Falcon, a cruiser owned by Hans Solo in Star Wars as detailed by Brick Pals.

LuisPG got the inspiration to create this LEGO project after watching “Rogue One”. He decided to make his own version of the SW-0608 Zeta-Class shuttle after seeing the rebels steal this Imperial Cargo Shuttle to enter the high-security base at the planet Scarif in order to get blueprints of the Death Star. I still am familiar with Star Wars trivia, being a fan myself.

The model comprises of two(2) decks that are connected by a ladder. The cabin within the ship could also be opened to place at least 4 mini figures inside. It also comes with a cargo deck that has an orange container for cargo (used to transport Kyber crystals in the movie!). This can be removed to leave the shipment at its assigned destination. The cargo deck also has two (2) ramp doors, one at the front and the other at the back of the ship, so as to disembark cargo and personnel.

The wings (There are 4 of them) can be moved when in the flying position, or folded (Tilted down) for taking off and landing. When in the flight mode, the ship could also be likened to a prehistoric sea creature, which is actually really cool. I do not know the actual count of the LEGO bricks used, but his followers have reached 2470 with 124 days left before judgment.


The first Star Wars Moc that caught my attention was built by LEGO Master Bobafett 1985. He made a futuristic Star Wars Dropship, and it really looks awesome!

He wanted to design something that was completely new and not based on previous creations or blueprints. After a lot of soul-searching, he decided to make a futuristic combat dropship. A dropship can also be referred to as a drop shuttle. Based on Star Wars Movies, it is an aircraft designed to transport droids, supplies, infantry, and vehicles to the surface of a planet. In cases of planetary invasions, Dropships are deployed from starships as a means to avoid destruction from invading forces.  He decided to call his dropship the VULTURE, and his idea of giving the object a unique and fresh look can entice other builders a maximum amount of freedom when playing with this particular model.

He was able to add various moving parts that could be attached or removed, depending upon the preference of the builder. The Moving/Rotating parts of the dropship are the engine, gun turrets, rocket pods, and wings. The cockpit was also done in minute detail and a pilot mini-figure could be completely detached, acting as a rescue pod. The dropship is equipped with three docking stations and a drop-pod. He also plans on adding armaments and unmanned drones to complete his creation. The Vulture Dropship currently has around 1500 parts and this may probably change due to future updates. He currently has 410 supporters (411 including me) with 144 days left before becoming a real-life set. Check it out and see how good this project is.



The next MOC I would like to mention is the Star Wars MOC, Arena of Geonosis. It was built by LEGO Artist Thunderous blade, and it was created to depict a battle scene in Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones that took place at the Geonosian Arena.

This MOC has never been an official product and it would be a great addition to the Star Wars line. It features a new set of characters and creatures that have not been done before.

The key elements of this LEGO set include:

  • Arena wall – 2 Beast Entrances, area to place Geonosian spectators, and another area for separatists looking over the arena.
  • Acklay – a creature from the planet Vendaxa.
  • Reek – another creature from the planet Ylesia. It has a red hide due to the blood of the meat given to it by arena spectators.
  • Nexu – a creature from the Planet Colganna.
  • Padme Amidala – one of the heroes in the Star Wars Trilogy. Garbed in Geonosis attire but without scratch marks.
  • Anakin Skywalker – The main hero in the plot. (He succumbed to the darkside at future episodes!)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – Mentor of Anakin Skywalker (and Luke Skywalker in future episodes!)
  • C-3PO – a droid built by the young Anakin Skywalker (Seen at the previous episodes!)

The builder also included weapons and other battle-related Items to make the LEGO set more imaginable and creative. The total brick count is 3920. His followers have reached 2744 with 142 days left before judgment day.

These LEGO MOC’s are replicas of actual ships and areas of the Star Wars trilogy and there are other designs at the LEGO Ideas Website that have used the same concept.

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