Anime Series Aggretsuko Will Premiere Globally On Netflix April 20

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Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz Maru.  These are all Sanrio characters that most people are familiar with. They’re all delightfully cute and people love them. Newer Sanrio, like Gudetama and Kirimichan, having been given characteristic that have been seen as being more relatable to the common person. This brings us to another character that, if anything, represents all of us at some point in our work life named Aggretsuko.

Retsuko is a red panda who works in a typical Tokyo office and deals with the ups and downs the everyday work life. Annoying coworkers and an over demanding boss can be a bit too much for anyone. The name Aggretsuko is a combination of aggressive and Retsuko, which the character lives up to her name by becoming aggro when faced with an irritating situation. When Retsuko completely loses it, she goes into rage mode but relieves that aggression by singing death metal karaoke.

The Netflix Original will have ten 15 minute episodes that will follow Retsuko through her ups, downs, and what she can stand of her work and personal life. Watch Aggretsuko when it debuts on Netflix on April 20 with both dub and sub available.

In honor of the launch – and her love of death metal – Aggretsuko will be celebrating National Record Day by making appearances at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles & San Francisco this Saturday, April 21.

And stay tuned for pop-up shops and more collaborations with Amoeba Music in May…lots of fun happenings on the horizon!

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