The Addiction Struggles of a Minuteman: Could Byron Lewis be Saved by Christian Drug Rehab Centers?

Mothman, or Byron Lewis, as he was known, started off his life in Connecticut. He began as a prodigy as a young person and eventually made a fortune off of his inventions that he patented. It was also thought he was a mountaineer and an explorer and hunter in the jungle. One of his inventions was a glider suit, which, after many injuries he faced, perfected the set of wings he had. Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl, stated the weight on his glider suit could have not anything more than a three-pound variation. Lewis, unfortunately, started to develop a great deal of pain, which caused him to start taking a variety of different things to combat the difficulties.

Lewis was taking everything from morphine and aspirin to liniment and drinking a great deal of alcohol. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that 23.5 million adults, aged 12 years or older, require treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction during 2009. It represents 9.3 percent of those who are 12 years or older. Only 2.6 million or 11.2 percent of those needing treatment ever received it at a facility that specializes in helping them end their addiction. He might have needed help from Christian drug rehab centers in order to stop his addiction.

As 1939 rolled around, the Silhouette, also known as Ursula Zandt, made her debut on the crime-fighting scene. It was not too much longer when Lewis began his crusade against crime when word came that a moth-like dressed man was seen gliding through the air. That was Lewis starting his fight against crime despite the potential need for help from Christian drug rehab centers because of the addiction struggles he had. He became known as Mothman.

On Mothman’s first mission, it went awry when he had the role of aerial cover and his bomb, which was supposed to go into the warehouse of the saboteurs, it ended up going into a box of Chinese fireworks, which led to a lot of issues. As World War II rolled on, he enlisted with Mason and both were classed as 4F. Lewis was a conscientious objector and worked as a medical aid during his service. Throughout the publicity campaigns of William Brady/Dollar Bill, Lewis appeared in them.

When the war came to a close, Lewis began to work on improvement and maintenance on the abandoned machine shop with a huge basement he purchased. He learned eventually of the death of Zandt and the love of her life, Gretchen. He buried them in unmarked graves to protect them from any ridicule. Lewis and Mason collected all the evidence from Gretchen’s home that dealt with a case that Zandt was working on before her death.

They continued work on Zandt’s case and went to the wedding of the first Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter, to Laurence Schexnayder, who also managed the Minutemen superhero group. Mothman eventually combated Japanese saboteurs who sought to destroy the Statue of Liberty. Despite defeating them, Mothman ended up being shot by one of them, leaving him at a clinic in order to heal his wounds. The ’50s brought on new challenges for him and his friends as the House Un-American Activities Committee declared that all costumed vigilantes needed to reveal themselves. While Lewis was eventually cleared, his clearance was more difficult due to many of the friends he made during college being left-leaning. The investigations left a mark on his life.

His future drinking problem could have come from the pain the investigations caused him. However, Schexnayder believes Lewis’ drinking troubles came once Brady passed away. Lewis was at the ceremony where Mason was given the Key to the City. It was alleged that Hooded Justice was responsible for the murders and disappearances of children, and they went to the mansion of Nelson Gardner/Captain Metropolis to pay him a visit. Gardner told them he did not know who Hooded Justice was or where he was. Lewis saved Mason once a crate fell on them. Lewis endured pain because of the hit but Mason would eventually be hurt by Hooded Justice when Mason went to. Mason had to kill Hooded Justice to protect Lewis and Gardner saw it all.

In 1960, Mothman, as well as other Minutemen, went to a Red Cross event in India, and Mason saw Lewis constantly drinking. Following all of his drinking, he had a mental breakdown and bought Mason an auto repair shop in 1962. Lewis went to a Maine mental institution and Mason sent him a draft of his book, Under the Hood. Lewis never told Mason what he thought of the book.

Lewis was eventually given leave and went to Jupiter’s mansion where he was reunited with Mason and Gardner. While he was given a soda, Lewis was lost and the glass fell from his hands to the ground. The future Nite Owl, Dan Dreiberg, would eventually pay Lewis a visit for Hollis Mason during 1983. Lewis was someone who lost a great deal as time went on. His story shows how disastrous substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders can be when you’re struggling within to make sense of the world. He represents the humanity within us all and others like him may wish to seek a different path in life if they struggle with such drug or alcohol troubles.

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