What Will The Show, Titans, be Like?

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Titans has been developing quite interestingly. Many people have forgotten much of its development history. It started off as a potential television show for TNT. The network ordered a pilot, written by Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes, focused on Dick Grayson leaving the show of Batman to become Nightwing and lead The Teen Titans in December 2014. The team was to include Raven, Starfire, Hawk and Dove, and Oracle. By May 2015, Kevin Reilly, the president of TNT, stated he was hoping they would have casting ready by the beginning of filming. He said the show would follow the comics very closely.

While the series was to be called Blackbirds and start filming in Toronto during 2015, things changed when production was delayed until that October and then in January 2016, it was said the studio decided not to move forward with the project after all. DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns said in February 2016 that they still have plans for the series. By April 2017, it was announced Goldsman, Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter would develop the series to stream it on DC Comics’ own digital service with plans to film in Toronto.

Most of the roles have been cast since then. When August 2017 rolled around, Teagan Croft was the first one cast as Raven. The end of the month also saw the casting of Anna Diop as Starfire and Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson/Robin. In October 2017, word came that Ryan Potter was going to play Beast Boy, another key member of The Teen Titans. While not native to the original Teen Titans comics, the roles of Hank Hall/Hawk and Dawn Granger/Dove were added to the series, with Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly portraying the characters, respectively.

The final role that was cast in September was Lindsey Gort as Amy Rohrbach, a detective who will work with Dick Grayson. There are many questions that are still left hanging as to what exactly will happen in the series. The biggest one potentially is whether or not Dick Grayson ever becomes Nightwing. As originally reported, that was part of the pitch to TNT was that Grayson would be Nightwing. Yet, most of the news that has been released by the studio and Thwaites himself has shown him only as Robin.

Casting breakdowns also might be pointing to Bruce Wayne making an appearance with a young Dick Grayson cast too. It would be interesting to see just what happens in that area. If there are flashbacks or another younger Robin takes Grayson’s place, it would very much indicate Grayson goes on to become Nightwing. Since most of the original plans for the series have remained intact as pointed out, it might be a good bet that Nightwing may be coming to the show sooner than one might think.

For Grayson, there are still more unanswered questions. While Rohrbach seems to be positioned as a love interest for Grayson, one of the classic romances from this group of characters is Nightwing and Starfire. The two fall for one another and form a close relationship. It could seem there might be a love triangle of sorts the show is playing at. That always creates lots of good drama and ratings too! But, they might not be the only ones who may be falling in love on the show.

Based on their history from the comics and the Teen Titans television show, Beast Boy and Raven are likely to have a flirtation of sorts too. On Teen Titans, it was very well done and believable since this was a young and budding romance that grew and developed during the series. For Hawk and Dove, they are usually always together, so they’re more of a safe bet than anything else. Regardless of previous iterations of these characters, things could be done completely differently. Whose to say the character interactions and relationships might be much different.

However, it’s likely they will stay the track because the fans have been waiting to see a live-action Teen Titans show for a long time. With this show developing the way it is, continuing to monitor its progress as things unwind may be a good idea. You could find out some surprising things as it all comes together.

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