Cartridge Make Up Compacts are a Thing? From Espionage Cosmetics They Are!

As much as I love the new generation of gaming, I will always look back fondly to my retro games. Blowing into the cartridge to get it to work (which IS A BAD THING), walking around with a bulky handheld that only played in black and white, and fighting my way trough different worlds just to be told every time that she’s in ANOTHER CASTLE. I will forever love those days.

Well, Espionage Cosmetics, one of the best make up companies out there in my humble opinion has taken that love of retro gaming and unveiled a new make up collection. A collection of eyeshadows and real looking Gameboy game cartridge compacts.

Get ready to “Level Up your Nerd make up”!

Espionage Cosmetics is currently taking pre-orders for the first three cartridge inspired compacts and have introduced five new colors to their collection. The coolest thing? The eyeshadow pans are interchangeable between the cartridges. The first three franchises that inspired this newest collection are Pac-man, Tetris, and Legend of Zelda!

Espionage Cosmetic

Power up your Nerd Makeup with the latest from Espionage Cosmetics! These fun Cartridge Compacts easily fit in your pocket, conveniently hold our exclusive pressed eyeshadows, and most importantly, look rad as heck! Cartridge shadows are replaceable, so you can customize and swap at will! This listing is for one Cartridge Compact “Kit”.

We’ll be releasing FIVE shades to bring you ALL the nostalgic, nerdy, feels! These shades include: Marshmallow Vacuum–a gorgeous bubble gum pink that can be used as an eyeshadow OR a blush! Go Alone is the most unique gold shade with just a hint of green undertones. NOM NOM is the happiest and sparkliest bright yellow to bring cheer to those peepers! Dungeon Crawler is a luxe, duo-chrome chocolate shade–it screams shimmery dragon scales! Lastly (for now) is Zero Suit–an electric cobalt blue shade with a slight purple wash. We know, “WANT” right? Us, too!

When you order, you will get one Cartridge Compact and you can pick your choice of color from five new eyeshadow pans. Also if you pre-order now, you will get a exclusive nail wrap. Again, the exclusive bonus will only be avaliable during the pre-order. If you have used the nail wraps, you know they are amazing! I have an entire collection of them myself.

But of course with Espionage Cosmetics, they are making this pre-order an epic adventure! They are offering “levels” and “power-ups”! The more pre-orders they get, the more goodies they will unlock which also include more eyeshadow colors! And as always, their items are Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, with Vegan options. A full list of ingredients though will be available once the pre-order has closed.

Espionage Cosmetic

The Cartridge Compact Kits will be launching on May 15th priced at $25.00 but if you pre-order now, you can pick them up for $16.00, get a bonus nail wrap, and help unlock more items.

You can pre-order one or all three at Espionage Cosmetics!

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