GAME OF THRONES Infographic Shows Unique Stats From the Show

New data reveals that a grand total of 174,373 deaths have occurred on screen between season one and the end of season seven of Game of Thrones.

Created by Game of Canada, the infographic reveals surprising stats from the television depiction of George R.R Martin’s fantastical world.

From the character who has had the most screen time (Jon Snow) to the extortionate price of Daenerys Targaryen’s iconic white wig ($7000), Game of Canada follows in the faith of the seven, naming seven key figures from the most downloaded series of all time.

Other key stats include the number of babies named after young hitman Arya Stark, as well as how much Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington each earn per episode.

The infographic was created following the launch of new website which paid tribute to Game of Thrones by taking the most popular characters and locations and reimagining them with a Canadian cast and film locations.

The site has already attracted attention based upon the curious casting. With Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds named as fan favourite Jon Snow and the bizarre choice of Justin Bieber for Jaime Lannister. Game of Thrones fans have eagerly shared their thoughts on the rebirth of the realm they’ve grown to love.

Game of Canada’s unique conceptualisation of Game of Thrones has provided both the creators and the fans with hours of fun, allowing to keep discussion of the series alive through the long wait to Season 8.

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