Deathstroke Becomes a Reality

People have always been excited for the forthcoming The Batman film. However, there’s been some concerns with the film now changing direction about what exactly would happen to Joe Manganiello, who was cast as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke to go up against Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight. While it remains unknown as to whether Deathstroke will make an appearance in The Batman in any form, Warner Brothers has put any worries to rest with the news that Manganiello’s character will be getting his own solo film.

For Slade Wilson, it’s not necessarily a bad decision. He’s a very interesting character and has his own story and universe that revolves around him. He has not only two sons but also a daughter too. He has gone up against the Teen Titans as a prominent thorn in their side but also Batman. Wilson’s story is relatively interesting in that his transformation into Deathstroke came as the result of volunteering for a medical experiment. It was designed to prevent him from telling the truth.

Eventually, Wilson’s demons came and kidnapped his son from his mansion. His wife, Adeline, attempted to save his son, Joseph, but couldn’t. Wilson eventually got his son to the hospital but he ended up revealing to his wife exactly what his mercenary work is all about. Joseph had his throat slashed, which caused his vocal cords to be destroyed and rendering him a mute. Adeline eventually tried to shoot Wilson for endangering their son’s life but only eliminated his right eye (hence the eye patch if you’re lucky to see him without his mask on).

Wilson would begin to be an enemy eventually of the Teen Titans. He introduced a girl named Terra to the team at one point, who helped him capture the team. She was a double agent that was his inside spy on the team. Wilson was eventually placed on trial for his crimes when the Teen Titans were able to escape. There are many avenues Gareth Evans, director of The Raid and The Raid: Redemption. Evans has become known for introducing pencak silat, an Indonesian martial art, to the global cinema with the two aforementioned films.

Evans is an accomplished director and a wise choice for Deathstroke. He will be able to do quite a bit not only with Wilson but the pantheon of whatever characters the mercenary goes up against. The character also has had connections to the Batman universe and could go up against some Batman characters. BossLogic, an online artist, gave fans exactly what they desired with a poster once he heard they were going to make a Deathstroke film.

The artist showed Deathstroke on the poster going up against Jason Todd/The Red Hood, the second Robin and adopted son of Bruce Wayne. It would be quite interesting given both characters carry a similar set of ethics by which they live their lives. Todd’s story is different a tad. After Dick Grayson/Robin left the Robin mantle to become Nightwing, Wayne adopted Todd as his second son and gave him the Robin mantle. After a series of events, Wayne is too late to save Todd, who is killed by The Joker.

Eventually, Todd is resurrected from the dead and declares war on Wayne adopting the moniker of The Red Hood, the identity of The Joker before he fell into the vat of acid, as the story goes. It’s always been a way to taunt Wayne by using the first identity of his greatest enemy against him. Todd seeks revenge for Wayne not killing The Joker after his own demise. Wayne reminds Todd that he would never kill for any reason or use a gun because he then would be just as bad as The Joker.

Todd was changed by those events and started down a path to carrying a similar set of ethics like Wilson does. They are pretty well suited for one another in such a movie. It would be a great way to follow up on the references to the Jason Todd story made both in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. If you’re a fan of either of these characters, it would be a powerhouse film with each of these antiheroes taking one another on. The most interesting question would be: what would cause the second son of Batman to take on The Terminator? Only time will tell….

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