Game of Karts – GAME OF THRONES Meets MARIO KART in this Cool Infographic

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Have you ever wondered what a mashup of Game of Thrones and Mario Kart would look like? Well the people at did and they put together this cool infographic.

Beware that the infographic contains spoilers before reading any further.

Official Press Release:

Winter is coming, and so are spoilers, so consider yourself warned if you’re not caught up with Game of Thrones. When we last saw our players, Cersei had knocked several opponents out of contention, Daenerys was racing across the Narrow Sea, and Jon Snow narrowly avoided a veritable army of dangers. But who will take the Iron Cup? You’ll have to play Game of Karts to see!

And by “play Game of Karts,” we mean “imagine a game that’s like Mario Kart meets Game of Thrones!” We took our favorite “players” and made up karts, stats, and a favorite item. Unlike the books and television series, though, we’d like to think that Game of Karts isn’t as…permanent. Let’s wave the green flag and start, because All Players Must Race!

Check out the infographic below and some cool avatars HERE



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