Convention Recap: Megacon Orlando 2017

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Megacon Orlando was held from May 25 – 28 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. I didn’t personally get to attend all days but the Friday and Saturday events were exciting enough to make me attend again next year. Though there were some cancellations along the way, as far as guests (Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were the two I was really disappointed canceled), it didn’t take away the excitement to see the guest who were there. I personally didn’t get a chance to attend the panel with Stan Lee as it was done on a Thursday but I heard great things. He even performed a wedding renewal. The Friday and Saturday panels themselves that I were able to make were great. I got to see and hear the thoughts of actors, comic artist, voice talent, and Disney legends. I will post individual panel reviews from a few of theses that I think you all might enjoy.

Photo Credit: Rachel Parker, MegaCon Orlando

The attendees were another sight of their own. I got to see some amazing cosplay and even crossplay. You can always tell who or what is popular based on the amount of people you see cosplaying as them. As usual, there were Deadpool’s everywhere. Other cosplay came from other Marvel titles like Thor and Spiderman. Steampunk outfits seemed to be a thing. Never seem so much at one convention before which is good for me since I like steampunk. The creativity of people will always amaze me. I’m reminded that fans are really great, dedicated people and I’m happy to be among them.

Of course with a big convention like Megacon, there were a lot of people (well more so Saturday compared to Friday). It sort of made it difficult to navigate from one event to another especially if they were on opposite ends of the building. As I’ve been to many conventions by this time, I’m use to, and even expected, this so I just rolled with it. If there is anything I did regret about my time there (outside of my nerves to ask more people to pictures of their cosplay and getting autographs from certain people) was not getting a commission work from Gisele  Lagace. She does work with Archie Comics and even did a drawing of Josie from Josie and the Pussycats playing Mrs. Pac-man during a sketch duel. Would have love to have gotten a commission of anything from Josie and the Pussycats as it’s a favorite of mine.

Overall, this was a fun time spent. The staff and volunteers were super nice I just had to mention that. I wish I did attend all 4 days but you better believe in 2018 I will try my hardest to do that and actually stay up there the entire weekend. I mean, I didn’t mind driving the 2 hours back and fourth but considering things like gas, it’s a killer. Hope you get a chance to attend one year. You won’t regret it.

Photo Credit: Rachel Parker, MegaCon Orlando



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