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Is this your first convention? No worries! We here at Agents of Geek are ready to set you up so you can be ready for the convention with a list of what we think is necessary!

Fly tees!

You can always make friends with a good tee, for me I usually rep a friends band at conventions, so you’ll usually see me in numerous Elvis Depressedly shirts through out a weekend, luckily I have three. They’re always great convo starters and a way to make friends through common interest! Hey dood at SDCC in the same Fantasy Fiction Podcast tee!

A good hat

Look, I won’t lie to you; I’m a sport fan, so I have a large amount of Baseball hats. Might I suggest your 2017 ColoRAAADO Rockies! *WINK*


Sunglasses are always key, especially if you’re walking from area to another. Always keep your eyes feeling fresh ya’ll!


Even my brown body needs some sunscreen, treat yourself well, wear sunscreen ALL THE TIME ya goofs.

Portable charger
These are absolutely essential. Don’t get caught without one or two, because you will be very unpleased when you’ve only been out for an hour and realize, you have less that 50% battery life

Portable gaming system
I made many friends with my Gameboy Color, even a Pikachu! Regretted forgetting my 3DS.

If in costume though, keep this in mind:

I once wore a Lycra suit, I regretted every moment of it. Between chaffing and intense heat I couldn’t find an escape. More power to ya spidey.

Water, water, and more water. While you can fit in time for booze (if of age of course) make sure you squeeze that water in there. It is key to lasting all day.

Comfortable shoes! Might I suggest Onitsuka Tigers, they’re breathable, light weight, and tight as hell ya’ll. I own several pairs.

Every time I’ve gone to a convention I’ve actually gone solo, so I suggest if you’re going to a con alone, a good pair of headphones for those down times while you’re walking to your next destination!

For more tips here’s this from cosplayer Jennard of Agents of Geek and Invisible Cat Patrol!

Great advice Jen!

If you are planning to head out to Las Vegas Comic Con like I am, you don’t wanna get stuck paying a ridiculous price because you waited too long! The good folks at have awesome  package deals to help you with your stay.

Lastly and I believe most importantly; cosplayers love that you admire their work, but there’s a line between admiration and creepy. Don’t be creepy, don’t take advantage of people in risqué costumes! I think that’s a pretty easy, and simple plan to follow, and you’ll have a much better time if you do so.

Have tons of fun out there, take lots of pics, make tons of friends! Stay fresh as hell! Hope to see ya’ll out there!

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