10 Incredibly, Impossibly Annoying Movie Sidekicks Of All Time

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First and foremost, sidekicks are meant to add something of value to a performance. Whether that added value comes in the form of comic relief or a supplemental character will depend on the nature of the film. Still, sometimes the stars align and impossibly annoying sidekicks are produced. Here are ten of the most incredibly annoying movie sidekicks of all time.

David Levinson (Independence Day)

Despite becoming an iconic movie for Will Smith’s career, many people remember Independence Day for Jeff Goldblum’s annoying portrayal of David Levinson. As a geeky scientist, Levinson continues bothering more crucial characters with boring anecdotes from his failed marriage or unnecessary rants about science. Furthermore, poor Levinson still wears his wedding ring even after being divorced for three years.

Willie Scott (Indiana Jones)

It takes a special kind of sidekick to successfully distract from the hero of the movie. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Willie Scott accomplished in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. What had the potential to be a great Indiana Jones film was ruined by Scott’s excessive and constant screaming. This self-absorbed drama queen quite literally complained her way through the entire adventure. It’s a wonder Indiana didn’t just leave her in the middle of the desert when he had the chance.

Mini Me (Dr. Evil)

Despite offering a tinge of comic relief, Mini Me doesn’t quite accomplish something the other Austin Powers characters capture. First and foremost, his refusal or inability to speak causes viewers to cringe in discomfort. He is the spitting image of Dr. Evil but in smaller form. While this was clearly intentional for the movie, Mini Me doesn’t seem to add anything of inherent value. Instead, he fumbles around and makes irritating squeaking noises in place of speaking. Mini Me is nowhere near consideration as a kickass sidekick.

Prince Tarn (Red Sonja)

In the Conan-esque epic of Red Sonja, there is no room for childish or spoiled characters. However, the writers of the film must have had a momentary lapse of judgement with the inclusion of Prince Tarn. Tarn is a narcissistic and self-absorbed prince who loves to boast about his puny army. The fact that the whiny and petulant Prince Tarn has a slave makes audiences despise the character that much more.

Leo Getz (Lethal Weapon 2-4)

While comic reliefs can be a great addition to some genres of film, action movies simply don’t’ fit the script. For reasons unbeknownst to most viewers, the last three installments of Lethal Weapon included the incredibly annoying character of Leo Getz. While Joe Pesci is an excellent actor in his element, the wrong movie can highlight the most irritating parts of this actor’s performances. The situation is made even worse as audiences must suffer the character on the last three Lethal Weapon movies.

Bejamin Buford “Bubba” (Forrest Gump)

Some movie buffs may be surprised to find such a celebrated character on this list. However, Forrest Gump is an already painfully slow movie. The addition of Bubba adds insult to injury in this regard. Besides, every scene with Bubba is generally overshadowed by Forrest. With apologies to any diehard Forrest Gump fans, we simply think the movie could have survived without the addition of this character.

Stifler (American Pie Series)

While there is something admittedly charming about Stifler, he is an undeniably annoying character. Even those who love Stifler understand how irritating the character would be in real life. Essentially, Stifler embodies all negative qualities that could be associated with an irksome friend. He constantly heckles his friends and makes fun of them for their shortcomings. It’s a wonder Stifler has any friends to begin with.

“Jinx” Jordan (Die Another Day)

With Pierce Brosnan’s Bond legacy already on the rocks, the addition of questionable side-kick “Jinx Jordan” prompted the search for a new Bond. Despite being a Grammy Award winning actress, Halle Berry is no stranger to dubious roles. The character of Jinx falls into Berry’s worst roles right behind her depiction of Catwoman. Each sidekick is entitled to their own corny catchphrase or quirk, but Jinx’s one-liners are short of being unbearable. When “Yo Mama” becomes a serious line in an action movie, somebody must be liable for the bad decision.

Ruby Rhod (The Fifth Element)

While Chris Tucker is best known for his role alongside Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour series, he started out playing Ruby Rhod in the Fifth Element. One look at the wardrobe worn by Tucker in the movie can paint an accurate picture of his character’s disposition. While Tucker is known for his high-pitched screams, his character Ruby Rhod takes it to new heights.

Barbara Wilson (Batgirl in Batman & Robin)

While Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin was nothing to behold, Barbara Wilson’s portrayal of Batgirl was even more horrendous. The actress seemed to be mentally absent throughout the shooting of the film. Besides, one sidekick is enough for Batman. The inclusion of a Batgirl alongside Batman and Robin is a questionable decision to begin with.

While there are a plethora of annoying sidekicks, these ten outdid them all. It takes a lot for a poorly written character to outdo a prominent actor. In fact, a majority of these movies were considered accomplishments for directors and actors alike. Fortunately, these annoying sidekicks didn’t ruin everything.

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