Reebok Unveils the ALIEN Stomper “Final Battle” Pack

I’m still catching up on all the ALIEN DAY news but this one is a doozy! In celebration of this year’s Alien Day, Reebok announced the release of the highly collectible Alien Stomper “Final Battle” pack.

Reebok Alien Stomper "Final Battle" pack

Inspired by the climactic, final battle from the Aliens movie and answering the dreams of die-hard film fans and sneakerheads alike, the ‘Final Battle’ pack draws design details from the duel between Ripley (Sigourney Weacer) and the Xenomorph Queen – a nostalgic commemoration of one of the most intense blockbusters in cinematic history.

The Alien Stomper “Final Battle” pack will consist of the ‘Queen’ Alien Stomper, inspired by the gloss finish of the Xenomorph exoskeleton, and the ‘Powerloader’ Alien Stomper, inspired by Ripley’s battle-ready cargo suit.

The Reebok Alien Stomper ‘Final Battle’ pack will be available in unisex sizing beginning July 18, paying homage to the original Aliens film release date, for $325 USD.

They are releasing new ALIEN themed shoes again and I really don’t know how to handle this news. As a fan, I’m asbo-freaking-lutely excited for this announcement but than I’m reminded of the very first ALIEN DAY. Reebok announced they would be releasing the Hi-Top sneakers that Ripley wore and the low-tops that Bishop wore in ALIENS. So many fans were excited for this news. They were also totally limited but that was’t going to stop me from trying.

Release day didn’t go as planned and left many fans frustrated with Reebok. First off, their site just couldn’t handle the traffic so it was impossible to get anything to load, let alone put a shoe into your cart. They also didn’t make it known that the Bishop low-tops weren’t going to be released in the US until day of. The site/cart issue isn’t something new to fans when it comes to buying limited edition items. It’s something that happens but what was a slap to many fans faces was when it was discovered that the shoes, worn by a women were only released in MEN sizes.

Not a problem really because we ladies would just need to re size from women’s to men. The problem was they didn’t come in smaller sizes. When I got in the smallest size was a 9 MEN which translates to a 11 WOMEN. I need a 7 MEN and from what I read, that size never appeared. That was a huge blow to me and many fans who needed smaller sizes.

This time around they claim to be releasing uni-sex sizing which we all know that means MEN sizing. That’s fine but I’m really hoping that this time around they will release them in smaller sizes. Smaller than a 9, maybe smaller than a 7. I wanna see them go as small as a size 5!

Reebok Alien Stomper "Final Battle" pack

Reebok Alien Stomper "Final Battle" pack
Over-all these sneakers are freaking sweet as all hell and I’m for sure going to be at my computer trying to snag the “final battle” pack on July 18, 2017!

And check out the awesome Claymation video that was created for the announcement.


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