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Let me be real here and say, I knew nothing about Guardians of the Galaxy until 2014 when Marvel’s film about this rag tag group of heroes was released. It was such a great, explosive, funny as all hell, musical wonderland of a film. I wanted to know more about these characters.

I picked up some back issues and included some of the newest run onto my pull list but after speaking with some GOTG fans, I knew I had a lot more to learn about Peter, Gamora, Drax, Groot, & Rocket and also more about Nebula. Thankfully Insight Editions has released a new book that takes a look at the entire history of these crazy characters.

Just in time for the films sequel which is coming out in May!

Via: Insight Editions

Guardians of the Galaxy: Creating Marvel’s Spacefaring Super Heroes written by Marc Sumerak is filled to the brim about these superheroes. This giant hardcover book explains the history of Guardians and did you know this current team was not the original team? Guardians was created in 1965 and did not feature the gang we love.

The books goes in chronological order in terms of events and the book is filled with creator interviews and commentary. This books goes into a lot of details about the stages / development of the Guardians through out the years. It even talks about the addition of Angela from the SPAWN universe. That was a tad bit confusing to me when I first heard about it and I didn’t get much more information since I wasn’t reading anymore by than.

When I mention that this book is giant size, it is a lovely coffee table book. It’s 11×14 and in full color. The pages are nice and glossy, perfect to leave out on a table for your house guests to enjoy.

This book is not just filled with information. It has so much art in it. It was such a treat to see the work from current and past artists. To have full size pages of some of my favorite covers is great. Everything from full pages of cover art, panels, inserts, everything and anything in between. I can just sit there and turn the page to admire the art alone. I will never own all my favorite covers from through out the years but getting a good chunk in here is a real treat.

Via: Insight Editions

If you are fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, I highly recommend this book. Even if you don’t want to read or know everything about them having the covers, the art is alone worth buying. The book is available now at Insight Editions.

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