Genericon’s 30th Year A Success

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Though it may seem like comic and anime conventions are gaining popularity more and more recently, some have been around since the olden days of geekery. Some have thrived since before I was born. Genericon celebrated it’s 30th year this past weekend, and it’s stayed important and relevant to the nerdy, the cosplayers and the gamers this whole time.

Genericon takes place in Troy, NY every year around March. The bitter cold doesn’t keep the cosplay away – for a smaller convention, some of the most impressive cosplays are shown off here. Though very long, the cosplay contest is worth making the trip there for alone. The talent and passion that is brought to Genericon year after year still blows me away. If you didn’t make it to Genericon’s 30th year – I’ve got it here, in photos:

If you’re now feeling real sad that you missed Genericon XXX – fear not. I’m sure Genericon will be back next year as strong as ever. Comment if you see yourself in any of the photos, and see you next year!!!

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