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343 Industries never ceases to disappoint when it comes to amazing art prints. Their HALO WARS 2  work is not an exception. Partnering with three fantastic artists to create the most lovely character pieces I’ve seen in awhile!

Kevin Tong, Craig Drake, and Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki have worked on these amazing pieces in partnership with 343 INDUSTRIES to bring us back to the world of HALO and to remind us that HALO WARS 2 is not far behind! These are exclusive so while you may be asking yourselves “WHERE CAN I GET THIS NOW!” it may not be as easy as you’d like. Keep your eye on the XBOX and HALO twitter accounts for more details to come soon!

HALO WARS 2 is released Feb. 21 so you have time to start following, if you are not already, and get the heads up to snag all six posters!

Posters are here for you to see and enjoy!

Kevin Tong’s beautiful contributions to the HALO WARS 2 posters showcase characters Captain Cutter and Atriox, the leader of the Banished. The colors are used well to showcase the cold feeling of war.



Craig Drake has a more modern take to his contribution to HALO WARS 2. It captures the mystique of A.I. Isabel, who is helping the UNSC seek revenge on Decimus and the rest of the Banished who killed her former crew.

Which is your favorite? Don’t forget to follow Halo and XBOX on twitter to have a chance to win one of these!



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