HACKSAW RIDGE Blu-ray Review

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There is one thing that Mel Gibson does well and that’s capturing the essence of battle. Hacksaw Ridge is up there with films like Saving Private Ryan when it comes to the depiction of WWII.

The film follows Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), who saved 75 men without carrying or firing a weapon during one of the bloodiest battles in Okinawa during WWII. Doss refused to carry a weapon because he felt that killing was wrong, yet felt that the war was justified.  Despite being blown up by a grenade and shot by snipers, he was able to save the lives of the wounded and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The film also stars Sam Worthington (Avatar), Luke Bracey (Point Break), Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies), Hugo Weaving (The Lord of the Rings franchise), Rachel Griffiths (Saving Mr. Banks), and Vince Vaughn (HBO’s “True Detective”)

Garfield did well as Spider-man, but was meant to be in more serious roles. He is a solid actor and was great in this film. Vince Vaughn stands out in this dramatic turn. I have loved his more dramatic roles. He has much more range than many give him credit for.

The picture and sound quality of the Blu-ray is amazing. It is also filled with the following special features:


  • “The Soul of War: Making Hacksaw Ridge” Documentary
  • Veterans Day Greeting with Mel Gibson
  • Deleted Scenes


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Veterans Day Greeting with Mel Gibson

Hacksaw Ridge arrives on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on February 21st. It is currently available on demand.

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