Celebrate National Pizza Day in style with BoxLunch and Torrid

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If you haven’t heard, February 9th is National Pizza Day! Whether you fancy thin crust, stuff crust, deep dish, Chicago style or New York Style, BoxLunch and Torrid has the perfect assortment of goodies for all you pizza fans out there. Pizza isn’t just food anymore, it’s fashion. With these items, you can look deliciously hot and fresh as a newly baked pie that has all your favorite toppings.


From BoxLunch

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The pizzas — they’re out there in all their cheesy, gooey glory. Let all your friends know of the impeding pepperoni invasion with this handy t-shirt. Perfect for pizza loving conspiracy theorists.


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Pizza and beer, the junk food duo we can’t live without—wear these socks with no shame! Features an allover print of pizza and beer against a bright red background. Finished with solid black along the top edge, heel, and toe cap. Made with a stretchy knit.


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Finally found someone you like enough that you’d share pizza with them? You can let them know that without actually having to share pizza. This enamel pin set has two pizza slices puckering up for a kiss, so you can share a slice with someone nice.

From Torrid

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Find someone who will look at you the way you look at pizza. We know a couple of baes will be staring at you in this tomboy-ish black and white knit raglan tee that expresses our one true love: “You are the pepperoni to my [pizza]”.

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