Top 5 Best Turntables Under $300

We all have a different definition of great music. You always find yourself arguing with your friends from time to time over who has the best music taste. Well, we know that there are no genres that are completely on top of another. You can, however, boast about your preferred album coming in digital form. That’s okay, however, it lacks the enduring quality of the ever surviving vinyl sound medium.

That’s why most people won’t understand the struggle that people go through to get the best turntables that do what you want within your budget. Most people believe that high-quality products come only at a very high price. Well, most high-quality products usually come at high prices but here is a list that of incredible turntables that break that mold. Check out this fantastic list if you want to get the best portable turntable.

  1. Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB Direct Drive Professional Turntable

You can get yourself an excellent professional turntable with as low as $300 and is among the main selling factors of Audio Technica AT-LP120. This model was created for DJs to ensure that they have a good turntable at an affordable price. Also, the direct drive machine is friendly to casual listeners.

With the professional cartridge and high torque motor, this fantastic turntable will surely take yours for a great high-quality ride. You have an option of selecting among three play speeds of 33-1/3, 44, and 78 RPM. Also, it has a reverse and forward capability. The amazing part is that you can always get this turntable from the store and become your living room’s DJ.

  1. Pioneer PL-30 Audiophile Stereo Turntables

The Pioneer PL-30 comes with the word ‘audiophile’ in full name, and therefore it’s obvious that it has a reliable track spinning capabilities. It should since it has an amazing array of features and components that all the audiophiles should love.

It’s fully automatic which means that it will entertain your eardrums the moment you press the ‘on’ button. It lowers itself over the grooves of the pristine LP and glides along perfectly to offer an outstandingly accurate sound. It comes with built-in Phono preamp and therefore you won’t need to buy an external one which will cost more.

Its belt drive turntable works with a DC-servo-controlled motor which offers low vibration. It’s also easy to remove the die-cast headshell when you want to upgrade its quality further with replacement cartridge that suits you. With this turntable, even the audiophiles don’t have to spend huge amount money of money to reach the ‘musical nirvana’ that they crave.

  1. Pro-Ject Essential II Matte Black Turntable

The Pro-Ject Essential II has an incredibly simple look and is special in two ways. The first one is that the platter is made from a rare material known as Medium density fiber (MDF) board. It means that it’s made of wood fiber. Secondly, reviewers love the black beauty.

Usually it’s regarded as an excellent turntable and usually, has more than four stars. It won’t be a risk trying this out for a product that cost about $300. This turntable uses silicone belt that helps to reduce resonance of the silent MDF platter. With low resonance, the noise distracting you from quality music would be less. Also, the main chassis, which is made of a stiff particle board, cuts the unwanted friction further.

It doesn’t come with extra features, but most people appreciate this turntable since the main components work efficiently. It offers great quality for essential things.

  1. Music Hall USB-1 Record Turntable

With the modern technology, there has always been a way of making amazing products even more awesome with new amazing features. Who knew that USB outputs in turntables would become common nowadays? Actually, with less than $250, you can get yourself a good belt drive turntable which comes with a USB output

It’s crucial when you want to have a copy of your old vinyl records. It’s accomplished by creating a digital version. You can attach the turntable directly to the speakers for an even greater quality of entertainment.

The capabilities of this machine don’t just end with the hi-tech factor. The tone arm is S-shaped which complements the sleek black design and has a removable headshell to ensure easy cartridge replacement.

You can select between two play speeds; 33-1/3 or 45 RPM. This means that it’s compatible with most records on vinyl collection. The machine is a great combination of innovation, functionality, and price.

  1. Reloop RP-2000-M DJ Turntable

The black and silver design makes this machine scream ‘professional’ in many angles. You can easily imagine a casual listener getting this turntable and after that aspiring to be a DJ. Also, for real DJs buyers, this quartz-driven machine should meet their expectations just fine.

Since it’s a direct drive record player, it tends to play sounds slightly faster than the belt drives because the platter is on top of the motor. It helps the machine to generate more power quickly.

The RP-200-M is very accurate when it comes to reproducing sound especially for an item that is new to the playing field. A young group of experts with a burning passion for music developed this machine. It’s starting to gain more attention, and we are sure that this turntable would turn more heads soon.

As you have seen some of the models that include the best turntable under 300, all have amazing features. Apparently, you will get hooked when you select any of the models reviewed above. Next time when looking for a fantastic gift for a friend, getting one of the turntables could be just the perfect idea.

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