2016’s Best Of: A Geek Agent’s Year End List

Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition

Arguably the single-most divisive piece of film in recent years, let alone in 2016 itself, Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice delivered to us the best comic book film experience of 2016, and its Zack Snyder’s best work to date. It was an event film that aspired, on its surface, to set up the debut of the Justice League onto the silver screen, but in turn gave fans so much more: including the complete Batman character on film that they’ve always wanted, the cinematic debut of Wonder Woman, and filming the ground-breaking “Death Of Superman” story arc from 1992.

The Ultimate Edition of the film views like a graphic novel come to life before our very eyes. Each scene in this nearly 3-hour version is beautifully crafted, from every gorgeously detailed setting to all the character-fitting dialogue, and Zack Snyder delivers a work of art like no other. And as a result, fans across the world have argued nearly nonstop since the day the cinematic version was released, and when this Ultimate Edition was unearthed, the chatter only intensified.

But this extended cut improves on nearly every shortcoming the original release was saddled with, most importantly the machinations of Jesse Eisenberg’s fantastic Lex Luthor character, as well as a more detailed look at Clark Kent the reporter. With BvS: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition, Snyder has set the stage for grand things to come in the DC Cinematic Universe, and as a DC Comics fan, there’s never been a better time to be alive!

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