Los Angeles Comic Con 16′ Spotlight: Kings of Con

Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict, who many of you know from the hit CW show Supernatural, came to Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con this year for a panel about their new comedy show Kings of Con.

FYI:You can follow the shows twitter here, Rob’s twitter here, and Richard’s twitter here. You can check out a trailer for the show on the Kings of Con twitter page.

It’s a comedy show that is inspired by their experiences on the convention circuit. It gives us a look at all the crazy fun at cons. A description from their Indiegogo page:

Richard and Rob play caricatures of themselves cavorting through the con world: Rich, a thrice divorced former actor who’s love of the game is fueled by the faux fame he experiences at the hands of a gaggle fans who still think he matters, and Rob, a recent divorcee back on the circuit to cover the costs of his failed marriage and stalled career. Scripted content mixed with improv, and Rich and Rob’s razor sharp interplay all fuel the spirit of the show, backed by a supporting / guest cast of other “Supernatural” players as well as established actors from across the Hollywood spectrum Rob and Richard have come to know over the course of their 20 year careers.

During the panel, they were hilarious! They talked about how they came up with the show, the love they have for Supernatural fans who have been incredibly sweet to them as they’ve appeared at conventions for the show, they showed a trailer, and talked about how many of their friends are in the show…yes, Jensen and Jared are in the show! Unfortunately, I forgot to record the panel and forgot key details of a hilarious story about Rob calling 911 in a hotel room on accident. Most of the show will revolve around things they’ve experienced or seen happen, but of course, there will be a more dramatized version of a lot of it.

The show premieres on November 15th on Comic-Con HQ. Head on over to the Comic-Con HQ website to find out more information on how you can sign up for the channel.




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