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What Makes a Gamer a Professional Gamer?

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Over the past few years cybersports have attained unprecedented popularity. These competitions are held all over the world. Professional teams battle against each other in various tournaments and games. Gaming business is booming. More and more countries include eSports into a register of official sports disciplines. Millions of players follow the gaming trends and anticipate new releases of games.  But what makes a player a professional gamer, the one who becomes a celebrity?

Being a Pro Pays


Unlike amateur players of video games, professional gamers enjoy the privilege of meeting friends from all over the world when they are on a team together and making very good money. For instance, top 16 teams which took part in The International Tournament in Dota 2 in 2015 made at least $50,000.00 each. Experts say that by 2018 cybersports might turn into the top choice for betting. You can make your bet at htpp://

Geeks vs Professional Gamers

There are people who come back home after work and spend their free time glued to the monitor playing video games. Casual, sociable and addicted gamers love cybersports to a certain extent and play for fun.  Another category or people turned passion for games into a dream job, a source of a regular and considerable income. The road from an “amateur” to a “pro” is hard and long. In order to get to a team, one has to gain a reputation of a person with great skills and ambitions, willingness to work hard and determination. Intelligence, undoubtedly, is crucial here. A true gamer moves forward whereas geeks get stuck at a certain lever.

Similarity with Traditional Sports

Cyber players are similar to traditional athletes in many ways. They gruelling practice on a daily basis, participate in workshops and special training camps. Constant search for new solutions and tactics, ways to improve the results and many hours at the screen take their toll just like demanding physical exercise exhaust traditional sportsmen. More and more tournaments are organized all over the world regularly. ESports arenas pop out on different continents and gather thousands of fans. Most of the big cybersports stadiums accommodate up to 12 thousands of people. And guess what? Tickets for the major eSports events are sold within a few hours.  As of today eSports players are less popular than football or basketball stars but experts say it is a matter of time. Professional gamers in South Korea are already considered to be celebrities.

Who would have thought some 20 years ago that cyber games can bring money and fame? The rapid development of the gaming industry and spread of the Internet enabled a professional breakthrough for the most talented and knowledgeable gamers.  For them it is their life.

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