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Much like Blade Runner released on the same day back in 1982, John Carpenter’s The Thing suffered the cruel fate of opening shortly after Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Met with disappointing box office results and negative reviews, Carpenter’s remake of The Thing from Another World began gaining a cult following on home video and is today considered to be one of the great horror science fiction films of all time. As I mentioned in my review for Scream Factory’s release of Carrie, there isn’t much ground that hasn’t been covered in discussing this film and if you weren’t already a fan, you most likely wouldn’t be reading this anyways. That being said, fellow fans of this film will be delighted to know that the 2k scan supervised by cinematographer Dean Cundey himself looks better than you could have possibly imagined. The way this film was lit is absolutely brilliant and really helps the effects pay off in this gorgeous transfer, even the widescreen snowy landscape is hypnotic and beautiful.

The new interviews on the bonus features produced by Red Shirt Pictures are all a dream come true and I was blown away by how much awesome stuff I learned from watching them. The interview with John Carpenter moderated by Mick Garris is fascinating and I could tell that Carpenter wouldn’t have opened up the same way if a trusted friend wasn’t asking the questions. There’s also some fascinating and charming stories from the set told by cast and crew, especially from Keith David. Also if you’re a fan of film novelizations, there’s a fantastic interview with author Alan Dean Foster that’s an absolute blast. There’s also some great features that were included on previous releases like the extensive 83-minute documentary Terror Takes Shape from the 1998 DVD plus much more.

If you’re a fan of this awesome movie it doesn’t get any better than what Scream Factory has for you here and if you missed out on this and Carrie living under that rock, make sure you pick both titles up once you get settled in to living with the rest of us. If you’re a fan of good cinema and don’t add this to your collection, shame on you.


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