FENDER BENDER Blu-ray Review

Hey kids, guess what? I have good news and bad news, which would you like to hear first? Bad news first you say? Okay, here it goes. The bad news is that Fender
Bender the new home invasion slasher movie produced by ChillerTV and Shout! Factory is a bit disappointing, but the good news is that Scream Factory’s Blu-ray release includes a really fun trailer reel that will no doubt be a big hit at your upcoming Halloween party. I was a fan of Mark Pavia‘s previous directorial feature The Night Flier back in 1997, it’s actually a better than average Stephen King adaptation with plenty of mood and atmosphere and a solid performance from Miguel Ferrer. Now here we are almost twenty years later and we have Fender Bender, a cookie cutter slasher throwback with the edges sanded off (low body count, no language or sleaze, etc.) and a second rate villain who’s a second rate Stuntman Mike with a gimp suit fetish and the personality of a brick wall.

Makenzie Vega makes the most out of playing the clueless 17-year-old pawn in the gimp suit killer’s game and unfortunately for her, she can’t even recognize her own bathroom. Yes, after the killer leaves pictures on her phone taken of her in the shower, she has to go check and make sure. There’s some visual style in this film that shows Pavia still has something to offer and I only hope that he puts more effort into his next script and really shows us what he’s made of. I did admire that he goes for an unconventional ending here, but it feels unearned and tacked onto a horror movie that feels as safe as everything else flooding the multiplexes.

I like Scream Factory and want to see them succeed and I really hope the next movie they get behind is something great, unfortunately Fender Bender was unpainful to sit through at best. My friend recommended that the Retro VHS cut of the film included on this disc was the way to watch it and even though I agree it takes away the glossiness of the look, it still plays like a mediocre slasher movie that wouldn’t have been any more memorable in the eighties’. For those the at are fans or those still intrigued in seeing this movie or just want a fun horror movie trailer reel to play for your friends, this disc also includes a producer commentary and a behind-the-scenes featurette.


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