Much like Freddy Krueger, Chucky became more of a homicidal comedian with every sequel as the threatening and horrifying presence in the original film began to fade from his persona, until Don Mancini brought some of those creepy elements back in Curse Of Chucky. Perhaps one of the main reasons Child’s Play holds up so well is because director Tom Holland understood how to portray the right balance of humor and scares from Mancini’s screenplay, after all this is the man who had done this perfectly with Fright Night. Twenty eight years and this film still packs a punch, the effects hold up amazingly, the script is witty, the direction is suspenseful and some really good performances to boot.

Scream Factory keeps it’s reputation rolling strong with this two disc release, starting with the great 2k scan of the interpositive and an awesome new audio commentary from Tom Holland. On the second disc the bonus features do not disappoint. New behind-the-scenes footage and an insightful special effects feature with Howard Berger is only the icing on the cake. There’s also a great new feature with Ed Gale called Life Behind The Mask: Being Chucky, plus all the cool bonus features that were included on the 20th Birthday Edition DVD, making this release the definitive choice for all of you fellow fans out there.

There’s going to be many broke horror movie fans this year with all of these top notch releases that Scream Factory has unleashed upon us and believe me when I say that they’re not even close to being finished. There are so many amazing releases to choose from that one can’t help but try to acquire them all, just make sure you don’t miss out on this Child’s Play release because you’ll surely regret it. Scream Factory has really stepped up it’s game this year with the sheer amount of quality and care put into all of these special releases and this one is certainly no exception.



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