It’s been forty years since the horror masterpiece that brought mainstream success to Brian De Palma and legendary reputation of author Stephen King with this brilliant adaptation of his first novel that holds up now better than ever. There’s been countless things written and said about this film that earned Oscar nominations for Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie and unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life or avoid horror altogether, I’ll assume that you’ve seen Carrie. Instead of retreading familiar ground, let me begin by saying that the 4k transfer that Scream Factory delivers on the first disc is well alone worth the price of adding this to your Blu-ray shelf. This outstanding transfer is like watching this film with a fresh pair of eyes and as I mentioned before this film holds up like a dream.

The second disc offers new interviews with screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen, editor Paul Hirsch, actors Piper Laurie, P. J. Soles, Nancy Allen, Betty Buckley, William Katt and Edie McClurg, cinematographer Mario Tosi and composer Pino Donaggio. Most of the topics discussed in these interviews are mostly already covered in older interview features on this disc, but in some cases enough time has passed for more detailed recollections to surface and it’s interesting to see how time and distance has altered perceptions for better or worse. Horror’s Hallowed Grounds is a blast as always featuring tour guide Sean Clark revisits original locations from the film and provides humorous and insightful commentary along the way.There’s also a ton of previously released extras including a discussion of the Broadway flop that was inspired by the film.

For those who are already fans of Carrie and Scream Factory, I’m sure you’ll be far from disappointed with how well this release has turned out. For those of you who haven’t seen this film in ages or moved out from under that rock, this is the version you want to make sure and pick up.


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