12 Times THE SIMPSONS Correctly Predicted the Future

The Simpsons has broadcast more than 600 episodes since its debut in 1989 and during that time is has made some eerily accurate predictions about events that would eventually happen. Here are 12 times that The Simpsons were right about the future.

Donald Trump’s political career


Love him or hate him, no-one could deny that Donald Trump’s run for presidency is completely bizarre and unpredictable… except that it was predicted in 2000. In Bart to the Future, the 17th episode of season 11, set thirty years into the future, Lisa has just become the President of the United States. Who had she just been voted in to replace? It was none other than ‘President Trump’ who had taken America into financial turmoil during his premiership.  The writer of the episode was recently quoted as saying that the idea was originally pitched because it was consistent with the idea of America going insane.

Video calls


Another Simpsons episode looking into the future, Lisa’s Wedding, predicts the advent of video calling.

The Ebola outbreak


In 2014, West Africa suffered a widespread epidemic of the Ebola virus. With around 30,000 confirmed cases and many more suspected across Africa, many feared that the virus would keep spreading and perhaps even reach the United States and beyond. In the 3rd episode of season 9 entitled Lisa’s Sax, Marge tries to comfort Bart with a book called ‘Curious George and the Ebola Virus’ which has a cover featuring a monkey wrapped up in bed. Interestingly, monkeys are a key carrier of the Ebola virus.



Remember the Farmville craze? Thousands of otherwise perfectly sane adults became obsessed with playing this farming simulation game. In the 12th episode of season 9, Bart Carny, a forerunner for the game called Yard Work Simulator was shown as a popular attraction at a travelling carnival. Who knew that farming could be such a hit with the gamers?

Mutant tomatoes


Who could forget Homer’s attempt to stimulate growth of tomatoes and tobacco through the use of plutonium? In 2013, mutated tomatoes began appearing close to a nuclear power plant in Japan.

Siegfried and Roy tiger attack


Infamously, Roy Horn of the performing duo Siegfried & Roy was bitten on the neck by the tiger Mantecore while they were on stage together. In The Simpsons episode $pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) broadcast ten years before the attack on Roy, Siegfried & Roy parody Gunter & Ernst were attacked by their white tiger Anastasia.

Stolen lemon tree


In a much loved episode of the show, called Lemon of Troy, children from the neighboring town of Shelbyville steal the prized lemon tree from Springfield. But even a theft this obscure was repeated in real life – in 2013, thieves in Houston, Texas dug up and stole a lemon tree from a local resident.

Three eyed fish


In 2011, fishermen in Argentina caught a wolf fish in a reservoir fed by a nuclear power plant. The newsworthy thing about this wolf fish? It had three eyes. This was predicted in the 4th episode of season 2, Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, in which the three-eyed fish is caught by Bart close to the Springfield Power Plant.

Albuquerque Isotopes


In Hungry, Hungry Homer the 15th episode of season 12, Homer thwarts an attempt to relocate the Springfield Isotopes baseball team to Albuquerque. Two years after the episode was first broadcast, Albuquerque launched a minor league baseball team named the Isotopes.

Rigged voting machines


In 2012 a video surfaced of a citizen in the United States attempting to use an electronic voting screen to cast a vote for Barack Obama only for the machine to register the vote for Mitt Romney instead. In 2008, a Simpsons episode showed an almost identical event occurring as Homer attempted to vote for Obama, his vote was registered for John McCain.

Hamburger earmuffs


In Homer’s quest for the next great invention he suggests the idea of hamburger earmuffs to Professor Frink, who had in fact already created them himself. Fluffy hamburger earmuffs were available to buy not long after the episode was broadcast.

Horsemeat scandal


In 2013 it was revealed that a number of products being sold in the UK that were labelled as ‘beef’ actually contained meat from horses. Almost 20 years before in the 19th episode of season 5, Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song, the school cook was shown using horsemeat in recipes.


Lloyd B Wells: BA (Hons) Marketing graduate, independent writer working with Best VPN. Self-proclaimed comic book collector, cartoon buff and a pretty awful gamer. Used the Simpsons a gateway to the harder stuff; South Park, Rick & Morty and Family Guy.

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