We Need To Talk About The Brilliant Carly Chaikin From Mr. Robot

If you’re like most of the world, you are most likely obsessed with the show Mr. Robot. It makes you think, laugh, cry, feel confused, scream, and stay in complete shock after something insane happens that you didn’t see coming.

Each character on the show has their own story and they’ve done a great job at including every single character in almost every episode, so you’ll know what they’re up to while another character gets more spotlight.

One of the show’s strongest characters is Darlene Alderson, played by the incredibly underrated Carly Chaikin. Darlene is the younger sister of the main character Elliot Alderson, played by Emmy Award Winner Rami Malek. Darlene is a complex character who has her own problems. She wants social change and will do everything in her power to get it. She’s a strong yet broken girl. She says whatever she wants and has awesome comebacks to anyone trying to get her into talking about F Society or anything else. Her personality works well with Elliot. Both of them are opposites, yet sometimes it feels like they are the same. Both of them feel alienated. She’s her own girl. She’s independent. You have to follow her. She’s vulnerable too. She feels like the world needs to appreciate anyone outside of the corporate world. She’s human.

Carly Chaikin has given us one of the most complex portrayals of a female character we’ve seen in a really long time. Just like Rami Malek, her eyes do her acting. You feel every emotion she’s feeling. Whether she’s nervous, scared, happy, sad, annoyed, feeling independent, feeling strong, feeling vulnerable, shocked, whatever it may be…we feel it. It feels like she doesn’t get enough praise for her work on the show. She has made Darlene relatable. We love Darlene. She is so close to her brother and will do anything for him and many of us sisters around the world can, of course, relate. Family is everything. They are all they’ve got. Also, Darlene has a great fashion sense. She wears whatever she wants and her demeanor gives off a strong attitude. Carly Chaikin is the kind of actress that pours her heart into a role and gets completely lost in it. So here’s to Carly Chaikin. Underrated and sensational. Thank you for giving life to a powerful female character.
When I’m watching Mr. Robot, it doesn’t seem like I’m watching her, I’m watching Darlene Alderson. That’s when you know the actor or actress is brilliant.

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