Will GAME OF THRONES Claim the Throne for the 2016 Emmy Awards?

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Winter has finally come and Game of Thrones is once again sitting up high atop the Emmy menu. After their total 106 nominations, 26 wins and a record setting 12 golden statues in 2015, GoT has been nominated for 26 more this year. The show will likely take most of them as well after an absolutely sensational sixth season.

Thronies around the world weren’t quite sure what they were getting into this past year. The show had finished working of George R.R. Martin’s novels and embarked on the new season completely rogue. Spoiler alerts ahead – From Sansa Stark meeting her long lost half brother Jon Snow and fighting the Bolton’s on the battlefield, to Arya Stark getting her revenge, to Cersei turning the tables of shame and recapturing Casterly Rock – the sixth season had it all!

Will they take over top spot with another record setting Emmy haul? Well, that’s the question. While their sixth season was superb on so many levels, they’re not the only game in town. There were quite a few shows that established themselves as contenders for years to come. Now, while said show may not be pretenders – they’re also not Game of Thrones. Even Vegas has released odds, with this betting site naming Game of Thrones as the clear front runner over Mr. Robot, The Americans, and the other distant underdogs.

No doubt, it will be an Emmy’s night to remember. Whether GoT takes over or not, some tremendous shows, actors, actresses and crew will be recognized. Some shows of which, will also be making their final appearance at the Primetimers, such as Downton Abbey and The Good Wife.

You could make an argument for any of the nominees this year. That’s just how deep the pool has gotten, which is really a tribute and major complement to our current day and age of television. However, as we said before, none of the other nominees are Game of Thrones. From the north to the south, this winter, it looks like we can be expecting a lot of gold.

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