Everyone, lets go to ZOMBIE HIGH! – A Blu-Ray Review

I love it when I get horror movies that I haven’t seen and ZOMBIE HIGH was one of them. Released by Scream Factory, the awesome company who end up finding some amazing jems of horror films, added ZOMBIE HIGH to their library and I was very intrigues to watch it.

ZOMBIE HIGH is the story of Andrea, your typical teenager who gets a scholarship to a prestige private school that use to be an all boys school. Against the wishes of her bad boy boyfriend Barry, Andrea moves into the school and makes some new friends. Little by little Andrea realizes something isn’t right at the school and her friends/the student body starts to slowly change from your typical teenager to a mindless student zombie. She finds out the faculty are performing procedures on the students and it’s up to her and Barry to stop them before she ends up in ZOMBIE HIGH!!


Like I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t seen this movie which was originally released in 1987. The film stars Virginia Madsen who you may know from a little film called Candyman and James Wilder as Andrea and Barry. The only thing on the blu-ray was the trailer which is rare for a Scream Factory release to be bare bone. But hey, I’m okay with that. Let me tell you though, the trailer is cut in a way that I thought this was a comedy. I’m all for horror comedy so it got me pumped for this film. Yea, that a comedy at all.

The film is so serious, at least it tried to be. This wasn’t your typical flesh eating zombies but more of a Stepford wife zombie thing. Again, no issue to me. I enjoy that kind of zombie film as well. You had the typical girlfriend / boyfriend fight – him not wanting her to stay and him trying anything to get her to leave. She starts to distant herself from her and a teacher ends up taking a liking to her because she reminds him a of very long lost love. I do many very long lost love. The students are slowly going from your cool, hip, rebellion teenagers to mindless straight A students and Andrea doesn’t like it one bit. The teachers are the key to this mystery and Andrea needs to figure out what it is.

It had a strong start but this film lost me somewhere along the way. It reminds me much of Disturbing Behavior but that film had a bit more plot and reasoning as to why the teachers / town was turning the kids to the perfect person. If there was a point of all of that in ZOMBIE HIGH, I glossed right over it. The film tried really hard to be a physiological thriller trying to tap into those thoughts of not fitting in but it just didn’t develop any of that. I’m all for zombie films not being in the vain of EAT ALL THE FLASH but this wasn’t it at all. By the time it picked up and gave me something awesome – the faculty members losing their powers – the film was over and I was left feeling a bit meh about it. The story had potential, the acting was great, and I did love the directing but somewhere along the way it felt like the story gave up and didn’t know what it wanted to be.


As I mentioned earlier in the post the release didn’t have much in terms of extras just the film’s trailer. The picture didn’t look liked it was cleaned up that much which is fine because I liked it with the grainy feel of 80s releases. Those are the best. The sound/audio did have a few hiccups but it wasn’t distracting from the film. I watched the Blu-ray but this film also comes with a DVD of the film so you watch it anyway you want on whatever system you may own.

It wasn’t one of the best but it wasn’t one of the worst that I’ve seen. It worth getting to see some of these awesome stars including a baby Paul Feig who went on to direct a little tiny film called GHOSTBUSTERS this year. If you are totally into watching obscure horror films from the 80s, get this blu-ray. If you want something with more scare and gore pass on Zombie High.


ZOMBIE HIGH is available on blu-ray / dvd combo pack from Scream Factory.

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