Voice Actor Tom Kenny Talks About His Inspiration at Connecticon

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Tom Kenny is one person that inspires me to be great – not because I want to be a voice actor, but because he’s genuinely kind. I recently had the experience of meeting him at Connecticon and he’s one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. I feel truly blessed.
Tom Kenny seemed just as excited to meet his fans as they were to meet him and that’s and extremely memorable experience and potentially life changing for his fans. I’m sure he has inspired children all over the world to become great people.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tom Kenny, I’m sure you’re familiar with his characters – mainly Spongebob Squarepants. He’s done tons of others too, like Adventure Time’s Ice King, Powerpuff Girl’s The Mayor and Hepher on Rocko’s Modern Life. He’s one of the most iconic voices in animation right now, but what inspired him?

When Tom Kenny was growing up, he watched Looney Tunes and read the credits and saw that Mel Blanc did all the voices. Turns out, Mel Blanc didn’t actually do all the voices, but that’s a whole other story and either way, it was Mel Blanc that got Tom Kenny focused on voice acting. He said that he was really into reading the credits on cartoons and seeing what voice actors did voices in other shows. I grew up loving Bugs Bunny and Spongebob and I love hearing when my favorite actors were inspired by other ones I love.
It’s incredible how popular SpongebobSquarepants is across the world and I don’t know how Tom Kenny keeps up with doing that and so many other voices. I can’t wait to see what future voice actors Tom Kenny’s inspired.




Video by Keith Jackson, Question Asked by Coty Clark.


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