TEEN WOLF: 7 Things We Learned At Comic-Con 2016

UPDATE: In the panel they revealed that this would be the FINAL season of Teen Wolf! I’m not ready. Read below to see what else we learned at Comic Con.


Teen Wolf is always one of the highlights for me at San Diego Comic-Con and this year kept the streak going! While slightly disappointed to see that Dylan O’Brien was not in attendence for the press room, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised given he’s likely still taking it easy after The Maze Runner accident. With the panel happening later this afternoon, we were able to sit with the cast and Jeff King for an hour to tease the upcoming season and learn more about the VR experience. Keep reading to see what we learned!

1. The new Ghost Rider villains sound absolutely terrifying.
The Ghost Rider villains are more cerebral than the Dread Doctors and villains of seasons’ past. Instead of gore and bloodshed, this season will focus on what happens when a Ghost Rider has you marked, meaning you disappear from existence and everyone forgets you ever lived. Horrifying, right?

2. Mason is joining the pack
Okay, he’s not getting powers or anything (that we know of) but he’s definitely going to be a part of the pack, possibily similar to Stiles’ role. While Stiles isn’t supernaturally powered, he uses his brain to contribute and plan and detect things. Mason is looking to pick up the torch there this season.

3. Liam is being groomed to take over the pack.
Scott’s first beta is going to keep the learning the ropes and trying to get his temper in control, all with the end goal that when Scott leaves he’ll be able to take over as leader of the pack. Given that Scott & Stiles are the heart of this show, I hope they never leave but good to know that plans are in place should that day ever come.

4. Theo’s back and a changed man (supposedly).
Last we saw Theo, he was getting dragged to hell. I had assumed that would be the end of his storyline but his appearance in the press room today proved otherwise. Turns out, he’ll be coming back (not at first, but at some point in the season) and after experiencing whatever hell dimension is a changed man. He’s got some knowledge that will help take down a new bad guy and the pack will need his help. But will he really be changed? Can they trust him? We’ll have to watch next season to find out!

5. Scott & the entire pack will be more focused.
One of the downsides for me last season was how disjointed everyone’s storylines were. They were all off doing their own thing and only really came together in the end to fight the Dread Doctors. It sounds like this season will definitely be different on that front. The entire pack will be focused on defeating these Ghost Riders, plus with Scott being newly single, he’ll be wholly focused on the pack.

6. Lydia could be the key to saving them all.
Lydia’s still discovering the true reach of her powers, but from the VR experience it seems like they’ll play a crucial role this season. In the VR, her banshee scream seemed to affect the Ghost Riders in a way that nothing else could.

More news will be coming out once Teen Wolf has it’s panel later this afternoon. Check back for more updates!

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