Nine Things We Learned at the South Park Comic Con 2016 Panel

Matt Stone and Trey Parker joined a room full of South Park fans on Friday to talk about their iconic show, where it’s been, and where it’s going. Over the hour long panel, Chris Hardwick and the two creative geniuses tackled a number of issues and questions, including how they manage to keep things fresh, the upcoming video game The Fractured But Whole, and if they would ever make a sequeal to the cult classic South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Check below to find out nine things we learned from the South Park Comic Con panel!

1: South Park started…as a Christmas card

By now you probably know that South Park actually started because of a made for internet special called “The Spirit of Christmas.” But according to Matt and Trey, that was originally intended just to be someone’s Christmas Card that year.

“Our friend came up to us and said, If you make this for my Christmas Card I’ll give you $5,000, and we were like fuck yes. So we made it and then it just blew up after that. It’s pretty funny,” Parker said to the crowd.

2: They Made Bigger, Longer, and Uncut because they thought the show was ending

The classic movie was brought up at one point, and Trey Parker said that he felt like the show was wrapping up, which is why they agreed to do the movie. This way, they could do whatever they wanted that they couldn’t do on TV.

“We were told that movies were the big thing so at the time we thought South Park was ending so were ready to go all out you know. We thought like most sitcoms that we would be done by like Season 4 or 5, so we thought why not?”

3: The last two seasons have been refreshing for them

While there are certainly running jokes that have been repeated in various ways throughout the exsistence of the show, there haven’t been many overarching story lines that have carried over week by week. This is the usual sitcom standard, since so many go into syndication and can’t carry them through time. But recently, South Park has been breaking from that, telling a longer story throughout, a welcome change for Matt Stone.

“We’ve been doing it for so long because we came from the old sitcom era where you have to reset every week. It was unheard of to try and do something with larger story lines. The last two seasons we try to break that rule and it gave us new ideas.”

4: They so did Pokemon Go already


With the recent explosion of Pokemon Go, it seemed appropriate to call back to one of the most memorable early season episodes, Chinpokemon. In that episode, the kids are obssessed with buying pokemon figures to grow their collection, spending all of their money and free time on it. Parker joked at the panel that Pokemon owes them for the great idea.

“People told us that Pokemon is so huge you have to do this and we were like we’ve done this before with chinpokemon.” So we are suing them for our fucking idea.”

5: Trey Parker played D&D with Elon Musk

The title pretty much says it all here. Parker talked about how big he was into Dungeons and Dragons, so much so that he once played with world famous Entreprenuer Elon Musk.

“About two months ago I played D&D with Elon Musk and I thought we shouldn’t spend much time doing character creating. I emailed him and maybe 20 seconds he came back with human paletine, right away.

6. Trey and Matt are writing all of Fractured But Whole

Following up the huge success of their first next-gen system video game “The Stick of Truth,” the next installment of the franchise, “Fractured But Whole”, will be available around the holidays. Both Parker and Stone talked about the extensive writing process of the game, saying it is almost like writing another movie.

“We finally found a company in Ubisoft who thinks like us.We are all about writing looking at it, creating, looking at it,” Stone said.

Parker followed up on that: “Right now Fractured butt-hole is around 200 pages and we’ve written every page. We’ve been writing on it since last season ended.”

7. The story behind The Woodland Critters Christmas episode

One of the most memorable, although perhaps for not the best reasons, South Park episodes ever is The Woodland Critter Christmas Special. In it, Cartman describes quite a graphic potrayal of a group of woodland animals who worship Satan and are trying to possess Stan into birthing the anti-christ. Parker shared with the crowd the story behind this creative….masterpiece.


“There was a season where we went through the whole season we had just finished Team America. We were exhausted but we got through it and we got to the very last episode and we couldn’t come up with anything. Thursday went by. Nothing. Friday went by. Nothing. Then we said let’s just do a fucking christmas orgy with critters. Everyone was like what the fuck is this it was just critters fucking each other. They are thinking ok they’ve lost it. But it ended up working out I guess.”

8. They aren’t making another South Park movie….for a while

One of the inevitable topics of discussion was the possibility of another South Park movie. However, Matt Stone was quick to shoot down this idea, saying that simply put, they don’t see the need for one at the moment.

“TV has changed so much that because we can do these big epic things on the show we don’t feel the need to make a movie because we can do so much on TV now. If we had a great idea for a movie, it would just become Season 20.

9. Find out who was the most pissed off at them

The two writers were both asked which celebrity was the most upset with them in the years of satire and impersonations that they have run through. Both of them hardly missed a beat while announcing two names almost simultaneiously.

“Sean Penn and Tom Cruise for sure. Penn wrote us an angry letter but what was funny is he was saying the shit that we were making fun of him saying so at first we weren’t sure if it was real or not. He said “People shouldn’t be voting on our R rated puppet movie. Saying important things and at the end I’ve been to Iraq, which is like one of his only lines in Team Americ.”

Which fact was your favorite? Are you ready for Season 20 of South Park coming up this fall? Let us know about it in the comments

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