MR. ROBOT Invades Comic-Con 2016

Mr. Robot was a surprise smash for USA last season and the second season is just getting underway. While the cast was expectedly coy about revealing spoilers for the rest of the season, we did get a few good teases about what’s to come.

1. Law Enforcement will play a big part in the rest of the season.
Dominique di Piero (Grace Gummer) has a lot of surprises and twists and turns coming. According to Grace, Dominique uses her work to cover up herself and who she is. She uses it to her advantage and and will stop at nothing to find out who did it, how, and why. Shes’ not what you’d expect your average FBI agent to be and we’ll learn more about how she’s tough, smart, quick-thinking, clever, witty, feminine, nutty, and messy all at once.

2. The cast is just as obsessed as we are.
While we’re reading all the recaps and fan theories, it turns out the cast did all this theorizing and critical analysis too, just months in advance. They got all the scripts at once and would routinely chat and call each other to find out where they were in reading, what they thought, and their theories about everything.

3. Angela is constantly changing.
Portia Doubleday mentioned that while she’s been playing Angela for 2 seasons now, there is no getting comfortable with this character. While Angela is subduing her emotions in her new role, she’s still a person and can’t keep that contained or long. What’s so devastating about her is that she is layered. We’re going to start to see the consequences of somebody that is trying so desperately to push down her guilt and shame. She tries to reprogram herself to survive the environment. And this character is constantly changing and as an actress, Portia stressed that she had to change with her. “I love the changes but it took me a long time to get comfortable with those shifts. My relationships are completely different this season compared to last season. That’s the challenge – to grow and rise up to the occasion. You always discover things while you’re working,” said Portia.

4. Big things are coming in episode 5 and 6.
If you’ve seen the recent images that were released, you may have noticed what may have seemed an interesting day at Coney Island for Elliot and his family. While they wouldn’t say what exactly was happening in the photo, they did say that we’ll find out in episode 5. As for episode 6, this is apparently a big Carly arc episode where we’ll learn more about her. Carly Chaikin said that while last year they had to keep her character more hidden in order for the reveal to really pay off, this season we’re diving more in to ther back story to show why she’s doing what she’s doing. We’ll see her in this new militant role, taking on leadership and taking control of the situation.

5. Is Mr. Robot going to last 5 seasons?
The cast all agreed that Sam Esmail has a finite story in mind – with a solid beginning, middle, and end. One comment though made it seem like there might already be a number of seasons in mind – Carly mentioned that Season 1 was one 1/5th of the story. Now that could be a throwaway comment, or it could mean that we’ve only 3 seasons and changes left to enjoy Mr. Robot. 


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