Comic-Con 2016: Derek Waters Talks Drunk History and What’s to Come

For the second year in a row, we had the chance to catch up with Derek Waters, creator of the hit Comedy Central show Drunk History. Waters dished on some of his favorite skits from the past, as well as a few things to look forward to for this upcoming season. A grafetful Waters appeared thrilled to be back at Comic Con to talk about his baby.

“I’m so blessed because it was a one time idea, and Comedy Central loved it. I’m lucky to be able to tell all these amazing stories. It was very quick they said they wanted to do it, and here we are going to Season 4.

For the first time in Season 3, Drunk History deviated from the usual city centric episodes. Last season, they had several “themes,” including Spies, Games, Space, and more. Waters was quick to point out that this season would continue with the themes trend.

“This season I didn’t go to any cities I made it themes. We’ll do an episode called Great Escapes. All of these episodes are insane. I’m a comedy snob, and I think they are amazing.”

In continuing with the teasing of the upcoming episodes, Waters was eager to talk about one particular skit that will be coming up next season. For anyone who is a broadway fan, they will want to hear this part.

“We got Lin Manuel drunk to discuss Alexander Hamilton. We also have Tony Hale as Buster Keaton. Some great musicians make cameos like David Groel. We are definetely sticking to themes.”


Waters was also happy to talk about some of the past iconic clips that have been produced from his brillant show. One of the clips on the short list mentioned was the Harriet Tubman story that was told last season.

“It’s a real story and that’s the one we submitted for the Emmys. Octavia Spencer loved playing Harriet Tubman. She was so care free during it, and that’s my goal to not take yourself so seriously in these.”

The roundtable wrapped up with Waters being asked what his dream story would be if he were the subject of a future Drunk History. In no time at all, he came up with this.

“I just want to do a cool music one. My ultimate goal is to get drunk and tell the history of Pearl Jam and have them reenact it word for word.”

The fourth season of Drunk History will be airing on Comedy Central on Tuesday, September 27th. Are you ready for more drunk stories?


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