SSSSSSS – Blu-Ray Review

“Don’t say it. Hiss it.”

Scream Factory gets the greatest movie releases and Sssssss is one of them.


College student David is hired by Dr. Stoner, a ophiologist after his last assistant ends up leaving him for unknown reasons. According to the doctor, he had to leave suddenly to take care of a sick family member. David starts working for Stoner and because he is working with snakes of all kinds, he starts giving David injections under the pretense that it will help me build up a tolerance against the venom of all the different snakes that he has. While working for him and getting these injections, David starts to change slowly, getting wired out by the side effects happening. He does ask about them, why he needs them but Dr. Stoner gives him the same answer or blows him off. This starts to worry David. While working with the doctor, he meets his daughter Kristina and begins a relationship with her. This doesn’t go well for the father. It turns out Dr. Stoner believes that humans are going to hell in a hand basket and has created some sort of method to turn humans into snakes/reptiles and that’s what is slowly happening to David.

Sssssss Blu-Ray

By no means is the film scary but it’s a damn ride. A damn ride that may have some bring parts but worth it to the end to see David’s transformation and that ending! The effects/prosthetic  are really amazing considering this film came out in the 70s. Kristina, the daughter is a pretty great character and does a fine job of screaming through out the film. But I gotta give it up to Dr. Stoner. That man is really insane and believes that turning humans into snakes and such will help the survival. The survival of what, I don’t know since humans have turned into snakes but I guess we deserve it since we keep messing with Earth.

The blu-ray release from Scream Factory offers some great extras like trailers (which is a great one!), interviews, photo gallery, and radio spots which have become my favorite thing. You really need to pick up this film for your collection. Go out there and get it now.

Sssssss Blu-Ray

Bonus Features

    • NEW My Reptilian Past – An Interview With Actor Dirk Benedict
    • NEW The Herpetologist’s Daughter – An Interview With Heather Menzies
    • Photo Gallery
    • Theatrical Trailers
    • Radio Spots
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