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A Look at How Comic Books Influence Our Entertainment

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Over the years we have seen many ways that comic books have influenced the films we watch and the games we play. There are countless comic book inspired movies that have gone on to be major hit films including Spider-man and Superman and more recently Captain America: Civil War, that is because the comic books are easy to relate to as films. They usually have heroes and villains that the reader can idolize or despise and so making comic books into films has been a natural progression and meant that the audience and fan base can continue to grow.

Just this year has seen the latest installment of Captain America: Civil War and that is based on the comic books and is the highest grossing movie domestically in the US so far this year, which is testament to the comic book readership and the loyal fan base that it has developed over the years. The roles of books, gaming and films are all mixed, as well as hugely successful movies you can find themed games of your favorite TV shows or comic books, particularly with the online slots at Lucky Nugget Casino. They have some of the most popular slots around that will centre on your favourite films such as Thunderstruck II which is inspired by Thor. Who knows, when Thor 3 comes out, and I’m sure it will be another roaring success then it won’t be long before you have to wait for the latest online slot to commemorate the film. As well as that you can find your favorite TV shows such as Game of Thrones or a classic film such as Jurassic Park. The reason that the industries combine is to attract customers, if you are a fan of a certain comic book you are more likely to watch a film about it or play an online slot about it and it is all about giving the fans what they want and keeping them entertained.

The role of comic books in the future doesn’t look set to change, there are still a range of comic books that are being released as films as the industry loves the nature of the books. Another example of the way a comic book can spread its influence is The Walking Dead, which as well as a comic book it was involved in the media as a television series, prose novels, and video games, which shows how far that they can spread and demonstrates the influence comic books can have.

Overall, for generations, people young and old have been hooked on comic books and the interest that they generate has inevitably seen them spread across various platforms, whether it is a video game, an online slot or most commonly a movie, the influence of the comic book culture is there for us all to see even in today’s society.

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