THE INVITATION is a Weird, Fantastic, and Crazy Ride – Movie Review

When asked if I’d like to review The Invitation, I jumped with joy. The Invitation had been on my list for quite some time after seeing it’s very eery and cryptic trailer. I’d seen that, the poster, and nothing else. I did read the more simple synopsis, so I knew that the film was a psychological horror film about a man not sure of his current parties intentions. That was enough to reel me in even more into the little rabbit hole I made. I also agreed that with this film, the whole “less is more” approach worked best, so I set out to do just that and succeeded, if I do say so myself. (I’m pretty sure most of this is in part of my goal to keep The Witch spoilers off my feed, but I digress.)

I was finally able to watch this film in all it’s whole and I have quite a few thoughts, most of which are pretty hard to articulate at the moment, as I’ve just seen it a few minutes ago. More spoiler-free rambling after the break.


In this taut psychological thriller by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Jennifer’s Body), the tension is palpable when Will (Logan Marshall-Green, Prometheus) shows up to his ex-wife Eden (Tammy Blanchard, Into the Woods) and new husband, David’s (Michiel Huisman, “Game of Thrones”) dinner party. The pair’s tragic past haunts an equally spooky present: Amid Eden’s suspicious behavior and her mysterious house guests, Will becomes convinced that his invitation was extended with a hidden agenda. Unfolding over one dark evening in the Hollywood Hills, The Invitation blurs layers of mounting paranoia, mystery, and horror until both Will-and the audience-are unsure what threats are real or imagined. THE-INVITATION_ArgumentI won’t lie, The Invitation was a bit slow at times. It’s just the way the film and characters were setup. Sometimes I’d lost interest and than gain it back because of the conversations at hand. It’s build up felt boring at times, at least to me, but by the end of the film, that build up felt completely necessary. The Invitation managed to be one long slow build but with an amazing finale that the beginning felt necessary in a way. That’s one thing I won’t be covering in this review; the ending. I feel like I could go on and on about it, but I’ll leave it up to you all to discover it for yourselves. It’s quite the treat.

Speaking of a slow build, one of the main things I’d love to mention and congratulate The Invitation on is the atmosphere it created. It felt like being at a Thanksgiving family dinner where no one really cares to be there… but for an hour and forty minutes. This is what the slow build sets up for us and it’s quite a dreadful experience. (In the best way possible.) Not only this, but the flashbacks we see and the conversations, like I mentioned above, help achieve this visceral experience. All of which make the ending so amazing and quite terrifying. The Invitation managed to be a psychological horror film that set itself out. Definitely check this out for a fun night full of mystery and mayhem.


The Invitation hits theaters and VOD on April 8.

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